Sunday, 16 April 2017

Go Vegan!

For the Animals 
• Because whenever they are treated as products rather than the sentient beings that they are, they suffer
• They are here with us, not for us. 
• Just because they are different from us, doesn’t mean that they aren’t sentient nor intelligent in their own way
Like us, they have: a brain, a heart, eyes. Like us, they seek comfort. And like us, they don’t want to suffer.

For the People
• We could distribute resources better to feed a lot more people
• There are antibiotic resistant bacteria that are continuously adapting which start in farm animals and transfer to humans. We'll be wiping ourselves out with avoidable deadly infections.

And for the Planet
• Animal agriculture is the leading cause of climate destruction
• 75% of fisheries have either been exploited or depleted. We pull an estimated 2.7 trillion sea animals from the ocean in a year. The ecosystem of the ocean is extremely relevant to us because without the phytoplanktons, we’ll have 50-80% less oxygen. Since 1950, we’ve seen a 40% decline in phytoplankton. To quote Captain Paul Watson, ‘If the ocean dies, we die.’

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