Monday, 12 December 2016

Christchurch so far

So I left Japan on the 29th of November and have been back in my hometown since.

12 degrees, people in jackets, and grey skies. It's definitely a New Zealand summer : D

Coffee culture: a carrot muffin, a raw caramel slice, a bowl of almond breeze barista blend mocha, and a black coffee.

My childhood friend. 

Substitute beef with this in your pastas to make it vegan. 

My dad's injured but the dogs won't walk without him.

A mexican pie from Z (New Zealand petrol station).

The roses are in bloom.

Finally trying this. 


Someone's property but I just had to take a photo. 

Vegan options!!!

I made my dad and brother burgers. They admitted that it tasted like meat and had they not been told it was vegan, they wouldn't have known. 

Vegan pizza from Hell's pizza. I think I'm going to hold the jalapenos next time as it was too spicy! Good! But spicy!

 It's lovely living in Christchurch again and not being surrounded by millions of people.

And dem vegan options. It's definitely not a vegan world and I made a mistake with crisps (the number 635 is not vegan) but still, there are a hell of a lot more options than there were in Japan so : D 

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