Thursday, 3 November 2016

What do you eat/ What do you use Part 25

Pumpkin Cookies - I didn't have any chocolate chips but had pumpkin puree and coconut oil to use up so.... I do think you can sub coconut oil for a neutral one if you don't have any. I also just used sugar and flour instead of coconut sugar and GF flour. Comparing to how they're meant to look and mine... mine resemble rock cakes =/ but I like cookies soft ^_^ so nya

Spaghetti with some cabbage on the side - make spaghetti how you usually make it but to make it vegan, sub the beef mince for soy mince. It's that simple. I love spinach and feel like the more vegetables, the better and so I added spinach, green pepper, and mushrooms. I topped it off with nutritional yeast.

Roasted Autumn Vegetable Soup - 

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