Wednesday, 2 November 2016


Go Vegan: for the animals, for the people, and for the planet. Veganism is not about perfection, but doing the best we can to not support animal cruelty and exploitation. I hope one day, we live in a vegan world, and then we can drop that title and live in a decent world in harmony with animals. Why Vegan Health We don't need to eat animals and their by-products to live healthy lives so that's why it's unnecessary to kill animals for food. A whole-food plant-based diet with enough calories is adequate. ‘It is the position of the American Dietetic Association that appropriately planned vegetarian diets, including total vegetarian or vegan diets, are healthful, nutritionally adequate, and may provide health benefits in the prevention and treatment of certain diseases. Well-planned vegetarian diets are appropriate for individuals during all stages of the life cycle, including pregnancy, lactation, infancy, childhood, and adolescence, and for athletes.’ A plant-based diet is also approved by the British Dietetic Association who are experts on nutrition, ‘Well-planned vegetarian diets are appropriate for all stages of life and have many benefits’. Nutrition Facts articles and videos are not opinions because they are backed up with peer reviewed studies which you’ll see in ‘cited in’. Research from Pub Med - The U.S National Library of Medicine also shows a whole-food plant-based diet in a positive light. We do need to supplement B12 vitamins and vitamin D, but omnivores also get deficient in both, and it's standard for farm animals to be supplemented so it's not natural to get it through meat anyway. Animals are also forcibly inseminated and are mutilated for being emotional beings, which I argue is also unnatural. Animal suffering Whenever animals are used as products or are exploited, they suffer. It's completely unnecessary to eat meat in places with an abundance of grains and produce available, and it's unnecessarily cruel because we are not obligate carnivores. Please think of the animals. The dairy industry in New Zealand kills over 2,000,000 male calves a year. As for eggs, male chicks are culled by being ground up alive when they’re a day old. These are both results of them not being profitable. Animals shouldn’t have to earn their keep when we’re the ones forcing them into existence. They also shouldn’t have to endure the hardships and pain we force upon them for our own palate. It is never humane to immobilise animals by putting a bullet in their heads, or gassing them while they scream; only to stab their necks while they’re fully conscious and drain them of their lives. It's not compassionate. They shouldn’t be suffering for a momentary pleasure. They are not things or products; they are living sentient beings. I recommend the film ‘Earthlings’ but if you are unable to watch it, this Australian film ‘Lucent’ is available on Youtube The environment Animal agriculture is also the leading cause of climate change, deforestation, dead zones in the ocean, water depletion, species extinction, and so on. How? This film makes it easy to understand how and a lot of research went into it. If there is no time, look through the facts and if you doubt the sources, click on them first and you’ll see that the sources are valid and come from experts in their fields. 75% of fisheries have either been exploited or depleted. We pull an estimated 2.7 trillion sea animals from the ocean in a year. The ecosystem of the ocean is extremely relevant to us because without the phytoplanktons, we’ll have 50-80% less oxygen. Since 1950, we’ve seen a 40% decline in phytoplankton. To quote Captain Paul Watson, ‘If the ocean dies, we die.’ Anti-biotic resistant bacteria Not only that, but there are anti-biotic resistant bacteria that are continuously adapting which start in farm animals and transfer to humans. We'll be wiping ourselves out with avoidable deadly infections. Alternatives There are many alternatives. The more people that go vegan, the more alternatives there will be. Check out Ben and Jerry's with their dairy-free ice cream. Look into Impossible Foods, Gardein, and So Delicious. On Pinterest and Youtube there are recipes and cooking tutorials. Live and let live The most important part is that we have no biological need to exploit and inflict suffering on living sentient beings. To quote Edgar’s Mission, ‘if we can live happy, healthy lives without harming others… why wouldn’t we?’ 'It were much better that a sentient being should never have existed, than that it should have existed only to endure unmitigated misery.' -Percy Bysshe Shelley Forcing your beliefs ‘Vegans always force their views on others’ – to the dear carnists that say and/or think this: If you had a friend that was brought up believing that they needed to stab dogs and eat them to survive, would you just be idle about it? Especially if that friend had pretty good morals overall despite supporting dog cruelty. What if you found out that the dogs that friend ate were not only killed unnecessarily for something as momentary as a meal, but also that the dogs suffered before they were slaughtered and/or during their slaughter? Wouldn’t you try to prove to that friend that they can be healthy without eating dogs; that there are plenty of other delicious things to eat; that dogs are wonderful creatures worthy of at least respect; that dogs suffer before becoming a meal? What if that friend told you to stop pushing your beliefs on them? How would you feel? The reality is that animal agriculture is the leading cause of climate destruction. All animals suffer in some way when we use them as products. They are not products, but living sentient beings. There are a lot of other stuff we can eat that doesn't cause suffering. Zoos including water zoos aka aquariums. Animals are living sentient beings capable of feeling happy, love, scared, bored, lonely, excited, stressed, pain, and many other emotions. Animals should ideally live in their natural habitats or ones similar in cases where their habitats are destroyed by human activity. To keep them imprisoned especially in tiny enclosures to live out their lives as ornaments for human entertainment is cruel; they did nothing to deserve it. If you want to do some conservation work, then work in conservation; if you want to support conservation, then support conservation. Zoos exist simply for selfish human pleasure and for money, but they will masquerade their existence as conservation or education for monetary gain. As for education, zoos merely teach people that animals are there for their own pleasure and entertainment and this teaching is detrimental to the welfare of animals. If you genuinely love and care for animals, you will put your money into wildlife conservations or support animal groups and not places that force innocent animals into depressingly mundane lives to exhibit stress, depression, and boredom. Freedom should be the right of all sentient beings. Respect and love all animals.

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