Wednesday, 26 October 2016

What do you eat/ What do you use? Part 22

Pancakes: ½ cup of dairy free milk, ½ cup of flour, 3 tablespoons of brown sugar, and ½-1 teaspoon of baking powder (depending on how fluffy you want them). The Mickey Mouse pieces were cut from Piano Jordbærgelé, jelly found in Scandinavia. As for in New Zealand, they’ve apparently stopped stocking Gregg’s jelly time so use the cruelty free shop online if you’re in doubt of your local jelly packet mix. For the custard, I used vanilje saus by Freia, also found in Scandinavia. In New Zealand, Edmond’s and Home Brand’s custard mixes can be made vegan by using non-dairy milk.

• I tried this recipe but it didn’t quite work out as a burger for me maybe because mine was too liquid. The ‘patty’ was better on its own but enjoyable. I also recommend the spread, it’s good! So I had the patty with some hummus, recipe from The Happy Pear and some salad; I used grated carrots and cabbage.

• Frankenstein Monster’s soup... is a recipe taken from Kalel’s youtube/website

• The tacos are super easy if you have access to a taco kit. Just buy one of them, and add what you like. I usually use lentils and tiny pieces of mushrooms with the sauce, but you can just use mushrooms, or lentils, or soymeat, or other faux meat… you can also use this cheese sauce I was too lazy to try from the Happy Pear or guacamole; mash an avocado and had some lime juice and diced tomatoes without the seed.

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