Monday, 1 August 2016

Yokohama adventures and the Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum

If you find the blue line, exit out exit 8. Then turn left at the intersection and then turn right.

It costs 310 yen to get in and here's a link to more information.

They do have this particular rule where you must order a bowl of ramen when you go onto a shop. They usually offer mini bowls of ramen so that you can try more than one. But it got awkward when my friend was full and I went to get a second bowl of ramen. She ordered a drink, but I ordered some ramen and the waitress kept saying she had to order a bowl otherwise she couldn't sit inside. She brought her drink outside and I sat inside but that wasn't okay either. In the end, the poor waitress (I think this rule is stupid) gave up and my friend could have her drink with me inside while I had my ramen. 

·         This website helped me immensely: I took a picture of the choices and went in.

So there are three vegan options at the museum altogether. 

Komurasaki’s mini vegetarian ramen  むらさきは野菜だけで作った王?ラーメン

Mini soya sauce ramen from Casa Luca カーザルカはベジ醤油ラーメン

We landed at Sakuragicho station. The Pokemon Invasion is from the 7th until the 14th of August.

Cosmo World

There were a lot of fish jumping out of the water near here. How messed up is it that people were recording it with their phones, but then go and pay for fish to be killed and then eat them? We 'love' animals but then our actions show we hate them or at least have no compassion for them.

Speaking of which, I wrote this on facebook:

‘Vegans always force their views on others’ – to the dear carnists that say and/or think this: If you had a friend that was brought up believing that they needed to stab dogs and eat them to survive, would you just be idle about it? Especially if that friend had pretty good morals overall despite supporting dog cruelty. What if you found out that the dogs that friend ate were not only killed unnecessarily for something as momentary as a meal, but also that the dogs suffered before they were slaughtered and/or during their slaughter? Wouldn’t you try to prove to that friend that they can be healthy without eating dogs; that there are plenty of other delicious things to eat; that dogs are wonderful creatures worthy of at least respect; that dogs suffer before becoming a meal? What if that friend told you to stop pushing your beliefs on them? How would you feel?

The reality is that animal agriculture is the leading cause of climate destruction. All animals suffer in some way when we use them as products. They are not products, but living sentient beings. There are a lot of other stuff we can eat that doesn't cause suffering.

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