Wednesday, 15 June 2016

What do you eat/ What do you use? Part 18

·         * It was my first time making pizza from scratch... so it turned more into pizza bread than pizza but oh well. I had some advice from a certain Bread Master: put a teaspoon of yeast in a cup of room temperature water and leave for 5 mins before adding a teaspoon of olive oil and a teaspoon of salt into the mix. Then mix in flour until eventually you can’t use a spatula and you end up mixing the mixture with your hands. I used less than a kilo of flour, maybe 700 grams? Cover a bowl containing the dough with plastic wrap on it for an hour so that the dough will rise. After that, I put it in a tin with oil (so it wouldn’t stick) and I pierced it with a fork so that it would rise evenly but it’s better to use a baking tray if you have one. l baked it for about ten minutes but then had to halve it because it was too thick, so I made two of these pizza things. I think it’ll be much better if you have a proper oven and baking trays – I have neither of these. I fried: some tofu, which had been marinated in soya sauce, sweet chilli, and garlic powder; some chopped capsicum and mushrooms in a pan with oil and garlic powder. You can put whatever you like, it’s pizza. I put tomato puree, a mixture of herbs, the stir fry mix, chopped tomatoes and some fresh basil. I think I put the assembled pizza in the oven for a further 7 minutes. Yeah, this is something to experiment with. I’m looking forward to living in New Zealand (after Nov 2016) again and trying dairy free cheese!
·        * Nice cream – blended frozen banana with almond butter.
·        *  I tried soy meat shepherd’s pie.
·       *  Soy meat spaghetti.
·       * Watermelon

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