Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Hydrangeas in Kamakura

Images of hydrangeas are plastered everywhere with あじさい (Ajisai - hydrangeas in Japanese) throughout Kanagawa and Tokyo. They're a big deal here and no wonder, they're beautiful. That is something I love about Japan, how they find ways to celebrate the small stuff. Kamakura is famous for its hydrangeas so I found this article and headed to Kita-Kamakura to check out Meigetsu-in, the Ajisai temple, or the temple of Sho Kannon. Kannon is the goddess of mercy and compassion, and as a result, she is often associated with vegetarianism.

I bore easily of temples, I know I know, what the hell? But I enjoyed this one, and I think it's not only because of the hydrangeas, but also the atmosphere and the animals. 

Because it's Japan, this place was also crowded but enjoyable nonetheless.  

I think a place with a fair bit of animals is always a good place. Watching the squirrels snack with the sparrows was definitely a highlight. I really wish we lived in harmony with animals. The people around me were in awe of these critters, but probably went home to eat animals that suffered for their meals. 

I loved playing spot the rabbit statues. 

This was more of a blue violet but my phone couldn't capture the colour. It's more purple here.

I didn't realise this was blurry until after D : 

Spot the crab. Dead or fake? : ( I think dead. 

Ants crawling around inside. 

A bunny hut wit no residents. 


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