Sunday, 1 May 2016

Ueno during the Green Food Festa and the Peony Toshogu Walk

The soy ice cream was sold out : D 

Selfies at Starbucks

I have a very cute friend

It wasn't a completely vegan festival but they had a lot of vegan stalls : D

That's Tokyo Skytree tower

Animals are living sentient beings capable of feeling happy, love, scared, bored, lonely, excited, stressed, pain, and many other emotions. Animals should ideally live in their natural habitats or ones similar in cases where their habitats are destroyed by human activity. To keep them imprisoned especially in tiny enclosures to live out their lives as ornaments for human entertainment is cruel; they did nothing to deserve it. If you want to do some conservation work, then work in conservation; if you want to support conservation, then support conservation. Zoos exist simply for selfish human pleasure and for money, but they will masquerade their existence as conservation or education for monetary gain. As for education, zoos merely teach people that animals are there for their own pleasure and entertainment and this teaching is detrimental to the welfare of animals. If you genuinely love and care for animals, you will put your money into wildlife conservations or support animal groups and not places that force innocent animals into depressingly mundane lives to exhibit stress, depression, and boredom. Freedom should be the right of all sentient beings. Respect and love all animals.

Terra Burgers was really popular! I waited an hour to get this and it was worth the wait : 3

You're meant to make a wish after going through this : 3

This sums up Ain Soph Ripple during the Green Food Festa. Their food is too delicious. 

Mango kakigori (shaved ice)

Animal Rights Center Japan do a lot of good. 

·         Tacos. I just used a taco kit, and followed the recipe but used lentils instead of beef.
·         Veggie wrap: grated carrots and hummus; chopped cucumber, tomato, and avocado; mushrooms fried with cayenne pepper, cumin, salt, garlic, and pepper.
·         A Crazy Cheezy Burger from Terra Burgers. I recommend their burgers; it was satisfying and left me feeling good rather than bloated and ill. The stall was sold out yesterday and I waited about an hour for this one today! One of the owners recommended the Dynamite Spicy Burger, so I’ll try that next time : 3
They don’t have a place yet, but they get around and they update their location on their facebook
·         Pumpkin cookies from Kitchen Nico.
Tyrell’s sea salt & cider vinegar crisps. They’re not too vinegary like Bluebird’s, but they’re the right kind of flavoursome! I got them at the Odakyu Ox in Shinyurigaoka station 

This was from a couple of weeks ago at Cafe6889. Yay for pizza : D 

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