Wednesday, 9 March 2016

What do you eat/ What do you use? Part 14

·         Hummus, the left side is roasted carrot flavour (but my blender isn’t the best so the carrots aren’t blended in), the right side is original. I must say that I prefer the original flavour best. I used the recipe from ‘The Happy Pear’  I used overnight chickpeas, cooked it a bit and then peeled them, which took ages! I’m skipping that next time, or using canned chickpeas. After that, I followed the recipe, but halved it because I used half of the chickpeas… which I didn’t need to do because I’ve eaten loads of the finished hummus already. I also have nice cream, blended frozen bananas with a tablespoon of Justin’s almond butter. Oh and there are carrot sticks of course.
·          Summer rolls. I cannot soak rice wraps well. I just put in julienned carrots and cucumbers, lettuce, basil, mushrooms (I cooked it with some mixed powder: cumin, cayenne pepper, salt, garlic, pepper; taste test this concoction! I made mine too spicy), and avocado. There’s some sweet chilli sauce.
·         A cup of coffee with some breakfast banana oat bread.
·         Matcha Frappuccino from Starbucks with soy milk and no cream. Yuuuum!
·         Soy ice cream with quince and citron at a Korean café, Ogada, in Markis, under Minato-mirai station in Yokohama. It tastes just like dairy ice cream, of course.
·         The bibimbap without the chilli sauce (which has fish extract) is vegan – yes, even the kimchi is vegan. This is again at the Korean café, Ogada, in Markis, under Minato-mirai station in Yokohama.  
·         Sushi bowl 

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