Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Maybe our system is to blame

*Yes my thoughts are influenced by 'Zeitgeist', I know it has flaws but I feel I learned from it, even if the information is sometimes incorrect.*

We live in a world run by the monetary system. We’re in this rut of continuous consumption to relieve our dissatisfaction and we’re brainwashed into thinking this is acceptable with our environment of constant advertisements and our cultures. Because of the economy system we’ve developed, we’re continuously trying to produce more to meet our demands even to the extreme detriment of our environment. And we must always be demanding otherwise this system will crash. We’re already nose diving down but none of us wants to accelerate our doom. So we help alleviate ourselves by sacrificing many others. Who’s going to be the last man standing at the end of it all in this game we’ve created for ourselves?

Because of our system, it’s perfectly normal for us to be concerned with our egos. How does this benefit me? What’s in it for me? That animal over there, how do I gain from it? We say we love animals, but we really just love to exploit them and consume them for our own personal pleasure instead of enjoying their company and their rights to live as we do. There are wildlife parks, trying to raise money to protect endangered animals. Whether they use this as an excuse, or genuinely have found this to be true, they sacrifice the lives of animals for the greater good. The sacrificed animals are then to be captive for life, serving as slaves for human entertainment. Because humans wouldn’t support the greater good if it didn’t reward them directly somehow. We think things like ‘Oh that animal doesn’t know better’, ‘If it’s not there, then we wouldn’t care about their well-being’, ‘It’s educational’ to justify going.

Our behaviour is something I whole-heartedly think we must unlearn.

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