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What do you eat?/ What do you use? part 11

In Saizeriya, you can order a mushroom pizza which can be made vegan by saying 'Chi-zu nashi'. I found this out thanks to 'Howtobeveganinjapan' on instagram : D Saizeriya is pretty affordable. 

 • If you’ve ever lived with me while I was a vegetarian in New Zealand, you’d probably know how lasagne’s my signature dish. Well… it’s my favourite dish to make and eat anyway. I also used to use shitloads of cheese. Like, half a block at least (500 grams). I loved my lasagne super cheesy with melted cheese on top. But that was when I didn’t know cows had to give birth to calves destined to be killed in order to produce milk. As much as I love the taste of dairy products, I hate the whole industry. Anyway, this lasagne isn’t the same as what I’m used to. But it’s not bad either if I must say so myself. I’ll continue to experiment with the cheese sauce. I mostly used ‘The Vegan Corner’’s recipe this time, except I added about ¼ cup of nutritional yeast to get the cheesy flavour. If you live in New Zealand, I hear Angel Food does decent cheese. But yeah, I think the more people that quit dairy, the better dairy-free alternatives will develop. I never really liked mince lasagnes, I liked mine with spinach and mushrooms, so instead of that soy mince, I used vegetables instead. Oh and a handful or so of overnight soaked lentils.
'The Vegan Corner' is a couple of super cute Italian chefs that know how to make delicious food. I highly recommend their channel!

• Back one, so coffee almond milk, and chocolate almond milk. That chocolate’s pretty good too.

• Shepard’s pie, again, recipe courtesy of ‘The Vegan Corner’.

I've just found out the difference between Cottage and Shepard's pie. It's the animal that's used. In New Zealand, we eat a lot of sheep and lambs : ( *sighs* 

In the previous post, it's a vlog/ how-to-get-there video. 


This was amazing!!!! Although I felt like I put on 50 kgs after that xD

Mayumyum is leaving to move to New Zealand : ( so we hung out at an Izakaya in Machida, the one next to Bookoff and opposite Starbucks. I think it's called 'Peori'.

I've turned into one of those annoying vegan friends. I don't like watching people eat animals, so I usually meet people after they've finished eating. It makes me sad. And I know it sounds ridiculous to non-vegans and probably to vegans too. But I just don't want to deal with it anymore. Anyway, one down side was that they were going to bring out surprise 'service bacon' -__- one of my friends was super kind enough to refuse. But overall it was awesome. The Red Sparking Sangria was amazing! And instead of bacon, she drew my friend a giraffe. That was cute. They were also playing 'Tangled' in the background : D  

Pretty mint place. 

And now for vegan thoughts:

I can't find the source but it's been shared a lot.

• Dolphin slaughtering in Japan happens every year, and around this time too.
• The Japanese media mostly keeps everyone in the dark, and when they don’t, they say it’s necessary to hunt dolphins because they eat all the fish. They also perpetuate that Western countries are trying to control Japan (which is why we need Japanese activists). But the reality is that this obsession with dolphin hunting started after the 1950s, so it is not actually traditional or cultural. The main motive is money.
• The ‘cute’ dolphins are sold to dolphinariums all over the world for over USD$150,000 each. That’s why this industry is heavily protected by the Japanese government. Don’t support it, then they can’t make money from it.
• The dolphins that are not cute enough are usually slaughtered for their meat, sold as whale meat, or just dolphin meat. Sometimes they are tracked and then re-released. Whale and dolphin meat is also being stored in freezers. I honestly think it’s because the government is well aware the fish are being depleted and is preparing for the fish shortages in the future.
• Their signals are mixed up. Dolphins are highly sensitive to sound, and they are lured to their traps by having their signals mixed.
• The slaughtered dolphins don’t usually die quickly.
• Show dolphins usually have to perform in order to be fed, especially in places like Asia.
• Of course parks with dolphins are going to defend having them. But the bottom line is that dolphins and whales do not do well in captivity and they die a lot younger than they would have if they hadn’t been captive (granted that they don’t swim near Taiji). If you support dolphin shows, you’re supporting dolphin slaughtering. In Australia, the dolphins are not from Taiji, but they also shouldn’t be held in noisy, stressful prisons. Money is definitely the driving force behind having them. The people involved probably cannot acknowledge that there’s anything wrong. Dolphins should have the freedom to swim long distances and be away from noise. They also shouldn’t be forced to perform for our entertainment. Being forced to live in captivity is stressful for them.
• They have a sense of self-awareness like we do, and can recognise themselves in reflections or on TV.
• Dolphins usually look after each other. Before ‘The Cove’, in the film ‘Earthlings’ (which had older footage of Taiji and which is probably why they became more secretive), what they did was capture a few dolphins and sliced their bodies so that the other dolphins wouldn’t leave their family.
• There have been several stories of dolphins saving people. I grew up hearing about the ones that saved people in New Zealand. One of the dolphin rights activists was surfing in Australia when a shark was about to attack, he was saved by a dolphin that t-boned that shark away from him.

 From google, I see that the creator of this cute comic is involved with Shirari Industries

Vegan Sidekick:

And so true. My friend's mother basically said how this comic illustrates how vegan anguish means more than non-vegan anguish and vegans are allowed to be more self-righteous than the chicken slaughtering non-vegans -__-

This was my response:

No, and that's not what the comic is about. In general *because I'm not talking but typing, please do not read this in an angry voice because I'm not angry* don't you think the dolphin selfie taking people would think the people against it are self-righteous? And so what if they think so? I think being against the dolphin selfie is pretty reasonable. It affected, by sacrificing, another sentient life, and for what? Vanity purposes. Do you agree?

I also think it's upsetting that male chicks are ground up alive regularly in the egg industry so that people can eat eggs, which they don't need to live healthy lives. And that calves are being killed (over 2 million a year in New Zealand) so that people can consume their milk. People don't need cow milk to live healthy lives either. But because the people that pay for it don't see a problem, there isn't a lot I can do. Likewise, the people that took the dolphin selfie didn't see a problem with doing so.

I love all animals and I feel like a lot of non-vegans are just disconnected. Why love one, but not the other? Because we're taught to? And I've seen some facebook friends that care about the dolphin selfie that also eat fish, where dolphins are caught as by-catch and are killed in the fishing industry. And for what? Momentary pleasure? Do you think in this way, it's kind of hypocritical? Inconsistent? I like to think it's just a lack of awareness or proper thorough acknowledgement.

I forgot to add that chicks and calves are baby animals too.


I've lost a lot of friends because I'm too self-righteous *sighs*. I'm just so fucking sick of this shit happening to animals, it's so god damn fucking unnecessary > : ( yes, I do get angry. I don't hate people but I hate what they contribute to.

Animals getting their throats slit every second - and 3000 of them - it's just .... fucked up. 

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