Wednesday, 3 February 2016

What do you eat/ What do you use? 10

·         Yeah, you can’t really see my eyelashes. They’re not very long anyway. I liked Maybelline until I was about 20, then I was like ‘Oh hell no!’ at their animal testing. I’ve used a lot of different kinds of mascara since. The homemade one works about the same as store bought ones, only thing is it’s clumpier. I timed the recipe by 4 because of the tin size.
·         Recipe for mascara here and rose and lavender deodorant here
·         Brownies. They’re not very rich but easy to make. Recipe’s from ‘The Vegan Corner’ on youtube I overbaked this batch. They’re low fat but make a good snack to have for when you get sugar cravings.
·         Red curry (curry paste from Alishan Online in Japan, I use half a pack). Just cook whatever vegetables you like in a pot, and when they’re tender enough to your liking, add a can of coconut milk and curry paste. That day, I used a broccoli, sweet potato/kumura, spinach, baby corn, and eggplant/aubergines.
·         Breakfast junk. In a bowl, mash a ripe banana with ¼ cup of sugar. Add 1 cup of flour, a teaspoon of baking powder, and ¾ cup of unsweetened almond milk (or non-dairy milk of your choice). Mix it together and you have pancakes. I added carob chips because I love them, and I also sprinkled cinnamon before flipping the pancake over. I also had a smoothie and iced coffee (fair trade drip coffee, with almond milk powder and sugar).
·         I think it’s better to use pizza base, but I was trying to be healthy. It still tastes amazing though (well, to me).
Red lentil base: my blender can’t handle the jandal so I soaked the lentils overnight and tried to blend them after they were sifted of the water.
‘Mozzarella’ cheese (it’s creamy, but I wouldn’t say it tastes like cheese) :
Add whatever you like onto it. I had capsicum, mushroom, tomatoes, and basil leaves.

I got this hoody like, a couple of years ago. But I still adore it. It's so cute! Look, the giraffe is eating the moon. Yup, after two years, still not over it. 

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