Monday, 29 February 2016

What do you eat/ What do you use part 13

From the hike in Kamakura with 'Feather Legs Outdoor', we had udon, rice balls, mushrooms, and tofu with different toppings. 

Oh my god this is good. Mine doesn’t look nearly as good as the one pictured from the recipe site One Green Planet, but it tastes amazing. 

I have some time before work. So I made my first smoothie bowl. I just made my usual smoothie (a banana… or today just ¾ of one, a handful of frozen berries, half an avocado and some unsweetened almond milk), put some shredded desiccated coconut, some cacao nibs, ¼ of a banana, some granola, some chia seeds, and some pecans. What a treat : D
I am actually addicted to smoothies now. Even if it’s midnight (and I know fruit is fattening to eat late at night) if I’m feeling blue, I make a smoothie and feel better xD might be a placebo but I don’t care xD

From Ain Soph Ripple. There are probably easier ways to get there and there's a map in the link. But my directions are, exit Shin-Okubo station, turn right and go straight through the overhead (you'll pass murals) then turn right. Aaaannnd I forgot what the landmark was. Go straight two blocks, then cross the big road and you'll see it on your right, in the next street. 

I love their concept: 'Just as ripples spread when a single pebble is dropped into water, the actions of individuals can have far-reaching effects.' Love it. I recommend the burrito. I'm not a huge fan of coriander, so I might ask them to hold the coriander next time xD

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

23/02/2016 Matsuda photos

Mt Fuji was feeling a little camera shy, so these lavender filled owls became the subject : D

Just follow these lanterns to get from Shin-Matsuda station to the Herb Garden in Matsuda : D

Cherry in Japan: Matsuda

What do you eat? / What do you use? Part 12

Got this in the mail and it should last me quite some time. So I have chickpeas/garbanzo beans ひよこ豆, lentils レンズ豆, red kidney beansレッドキドニー豆, quinoaキヌア, and nutritional yeast ニュートリショナルイースト. I just soak the beans overnight and rinse them when I need to use them the next day. They’re ordered from they deliver for 200 yen and then it’s an additional 200 yen to pay with cash on delivery. It’s very convenient.  

I’m also trying out the Crystal Body Deodorant, which I got off … I walked for most of today and I’m pleasantly surprised by how well it’s working : D


So this is definitely an example of something I probably never would have experimented with pre-veganism. Lasagne with tahini sauce – lemony sauce? Believe it or not, I think it works! It’s full of flavour! Thank you Vegan Black Metal Chef! Yum yum!

I used Alishan online to get tahini. It’s expensive but a jar lasts me about a year.