Sunday, 10 January 2016

Why I stopped eating Meat

......... *after the video* Tim truly is a beautiful person. Man, everything I'm trying to say but more.

*sideways glance* I watched 'Benefits I Experienced Going Vegan' after and hmmmm.... I am a bit preachy. My friends (the ones that still eat animal products) have said I AM preachy and I'm guilt-tripping everyone -__- as I've said earlier, people need to be aware of what they're paying for and that's why I share those slaughterhouse videos. I don't care if they don't want to talk to me afterwards or if they want me to stop. 

(last facebook post I shared: '5 Unimaginable Scenarios From Inside A Slaughterhouse'), I wrote this:
If this isn't good enough for you to watch, then why is it good enough for you to pay for and support?
Just because you ignore this, it doesn't spare you from being responsible (if you aren't transitioning into veganism or aren't vegan).
It doesn't matter if the animal was grass-fed, from a 'humane' or 'free-range' farm, from a dairy farm, or an egg industry, they all end up at slaughterhouses/abattoirs if they live long enough (it's extremely rare that the animal ends up at a farm sanctuary).
And don't tell me that this is just the way it is when it's really unacceptable and we all have the potential to change the system starting with our plates. Be the change you want to see.')

People say I'm preaching but I don't feel like I am. Maybe I am being too much, but it haunts me everyday what animals have been and are still going through. The animals don't have time for people to find shit out on their own.

Anyhow, this person is just incredibly amazing and I can't believe this vlog came out in 2013.

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