Friday, 29 January 2016

What do you eat/ What do you use 9

• Went to Kuumba du falafel in Shibuya. Yay! I’m going to be one of those people that natters on about Kuumba du Falafel because I really enjoyed it. This is a regular falafel sandwich.
• Also from Kuumba du Falafel, hummus and lentil soup
• Some nice cream. I probably woke my neighbour up using the blender… and my blender isn’t strong so… =/ … you use frozen bananas (which had been chopped before freezing) however much you want, some peanut butter (I like Justin’s almond nut butter from iherb, which is expensive, but I ran out so I just used ordinary peanut butter which is terrible for the environment because of the palm oil and I shouldn’t have got it. I’m sorry Orang-utans, it won’t happen again and I feel bad now) anyway, blend it to the consistency you want and add what you want. I added broken up pecans and some dark chocolate bits (didn’t have cacao chips but would have used them).
• Spaghetti. I’ve written how I usually make it but I’ve changed the recipe. I used a larger jar of pasta sauce instead of a jar of pasta sauce and a can of chopped tomatoes. I love garlic and onion, so I cooked them together then added some overnight soaked lentils which I had drained before adding them in. Put as much as you see fit. I cooked them for a while. Then I added two bunches of chopped spinach, 3 eggplants/aubergines, a handful of mushrooms…. I did cook some pasta but half of what I usually do. I also grated half a carrot and half a cucumber with a julienne peeler (had no idea about them until I moved and one was in my cupboard! They’re amazing) so the pasta is a mix of pasta, carrots, and cucumber. It works… well, for me anyway xD
• Pumpkin curry. Here is the recipe (I alter stuff so it doesn’t look like the picture. I didn’t have coconut milk and used almond milk instead. Next time, I’ll try it with coconut milk. I also didn’t have pumpkin puree so I diy-ed that part) Chickpea Pumpkin Coconut Curry Recipe
• My co-worker gave me some snacks she found at a temple. She assured me they were vegan and they’re pretty good. I think they’re wafer with beans. One had red bean paste, another had a different kind of beans.

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