Friday, 29 January 2016

Kuumba Du Falafel

Either find exit 3a or find the 109 building. 

You shall see this:

(I took the pictures from Kuumba Du Falafel to Shibuya station and from the other side of the street, but hopefully you can still follow). It's about a 15 minute walk (or a 3 minute walk from Shinsen station).

Go straight until you see Donki Hote

And you'll pass Tully's Coffee

(I'm on the other side of the road) keep going...

Past the Liquor Shop Matsumoto

When you see these pretty buildings, you're nearly there.

When you see Cafe Cafe, you want to cross the street so that you're past the overhead. It's around the first building to the right, but on the left hand side. 

(We were on the other side of the road so I saw this giraffe)

A souvlaki, well, it's called a sand here, costs about 1200 yen for a regular one. 

Was so excited!! It was pretty good! I demolished it xD and was super full after.  

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