Monday, 25 January 2016

I recommend 'The True Cost'

I highly recommend this film. I knew a bit about it because of ‘Last Week Tonight Fashion’ which in itself was eye opening, as well as that youtube video ‘How To Make Money In The Fashion Industry’.
Only thing I must say seeing as I’m recommending it is that as far as I know and from the evidence I have seen, animal agriculture is actually the leading cause of pollution, and then there’s oil and then fashion. It’s at least right up there, but it's not mentioned as being so. it’s also available on Netflix.  

‘The eyes of the world are opening, and I believe history is giving us this moment to choose a better path. Human progress moves forward when those who have a voice use it on behalf of those who do not. It moves forward when a moment is seized rather than ignored. And it most certainly moves when we decide that the profit of some must never come from the exploitation of others. I hope with all my heart that this film serves as a needed step in that progress.– Andrew Morgan’

And 'People Tree' started in Japan??? That's amazing : D There's one in Jiyugaoka... and three other places.

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