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Don't Meat Me


This is here for people interested in about veganism and want access to information and links to things like how animal products are detrimental to the environment, why animal products involve animal abuse, how to eat vegan, and so on. I will categorise this and you can skip and head to what you want to know or links to, and as a result, there will be double ups. If someone is too aggressive for your liking (apparently I am xD ) then just change who you listen to. Gary Yourofsky works for some people, whereas Kalel works for others.
For the record, I do not think that people who buy animal products or go to zoos are evil people. But I do think those that do, are supporting evil industries and that’s why I see it as doing a bad thing. It frustrates me and I think it’s the responsibility of everyone to get informed if they continue to use animal products. There is wealth of information out there. Eventually, I don’t think you can plead ignorance as you are paying for what happens behind the scenes. It’s wilful ignorance when you ignore videos and information. I know I’m hated for it, and I’m an arsehole, and I might lose you as a friend. I’ve always lacked tact. If my posts are a pain, you can unfollow my posts or delete me, I don’t care. I’m far from perfect. I don’t know how to word this without sounding pompous and self-righteous. To me, the problems with the animal industries are bigger than your perception of me, and just me in general. It’s not even about me in the slightest. The problems are even bigger than you. And sorry, but they’re definitely bigger than your taste buds.

Why force it?

I dream of a vegan world, where everyone saw how freaking unnecessary animal abuse is and I want to help people see this. And it’s probably impossible for the world to go vegan during my lifetime. But over a hundred years ago, giving women, black people, and the LGBQTs equal rights was pretty laughable, too. And at least in Western countries like New Zealand for instance, all three demographics have equal rights by law now in 2016. We have a lot of evidence that we can be perfectly healthy (even more so) without animal products. So now, when we eat animal products, it’s not out of necessity, it’s out of the pleasure (I’m not including the people that don’t have access to rice, grains, and vegetables by the way). So we’re basically putting our taste buds before the suffering and torturing of other innocent beings. As ‘the vegan activist’ points out, we have social media now, an outlet to inform people like never before.

I know some vegans talk about baby steps and journeys, but I agree with ‘the friendly activist’ and Richard Oppenlander, we don’t have time for baby steps. The animals sure as hell don’t have time for baby steps. And I get transitioning, and transitioning is expected. But what I see is ‘I’ll cut down. Okay, okay’ and then facebook posts of the same people proudly binging on animal products. I feel like they only say they need baby steps to get me to shut up about what they’re supporting because they don’t want to really acknowledge it. Every time I see animal products, I think of the animals it came from, but they don’t.

But I am finding that most people I talk to just don’t have it in them to empathise with farm animals. So even though I’m an ethical vegan, and people can be reached on the emotional level, I’m also going to focus on how the problems with animal agriculture directly affect you. If we want a future for future generations, then we must wake up now, adult up, get informed, and do something now, because Earth is looking to be less and less habitable for us humans in the future (already is with the extreme weather) and it’s on us. We make choices every time we eat. Animal agriculture is the leading cause of climate change, of gas emissions, of deforestation, of water depletion, of dead zones in the oceans etc etc etc. 
And am I forcing veganism? Aren’t you forcing animals to suffer their whole lives and to be killed without mercy for your taste buds? And aren’t people that consume animal products forcing the world to be uninhabitable for other humans? Isn’t that more forceful? I don’t see this statement as an attack but many people do -__- it’s not intended to hurt you, but to make you aware of the consequences of supporting animal agriculture.

And yes, I was ill-informed for a long time. I wish someone had shoved inconvenient information down my throat much much much earlier because what I’ve found out is far worse than I ever imagined and the reality breaks my heart all the time. I feel like if people had drilled information into me, I would have become vegan earlier. I do also remember saying ‘I don’t want to know’ and well, because I didn’t want to know. It horrifies me that a lot of practices are legal. This world’s cruel as fuck. But, now, because I was still supporting those industries then, I feel now that I had to know back then. And I guess that’s why I shove information down people’s throats.

I only found out about how standard chick culling methods are (even for free range egg companies) three months ago, but this information had been around for years and I didn’t see it. Or when I heard something about it, I thought it was an isolated case or it didn’t happen in New Zealand. But I get this now. As long as animals are commodities, they will never really be treated right. And no, I don’t think getting your throat slit while conscious to bleed to death while stunned and defenceless can ever truly be considered humane, despite what the meat industries tell you to get your money and support. And all animal food industries slit the throats of animals, even the egg, dairy, and animal fabric industries. 
I also didn’t know it was the root of everything wrong with this planet. But there you go, we reap what we sow, don’t we? Of course the worst things we do would be the root of most of our problems.

If you don’t like my approach and my way is putting you off veganism, well, good news, I have a fantastic idea taken from Vegan Sidekick, I encourage you to think of a better way, use it on yourself, and then use your approach on other people. Different approaches work for different people. And it is never my fault if you won’t turn vegan but your own. It’s also not me converting people to veganism. With informed decisions, people go vegan on their own.

All I know is, to me, being a passive vegan doesn’t do anything or give that sense of urgency. Hell, I was a passive vegetarian for two and a half years before going vegan, and keeping quiet didn’t inform people. Not that I was well informed myself. But that experience of being a passive vegetarian taught me something.
All things considered, I want veganism to be the norm. I want a majority of people to be vegan and the minority to be meat-eaters because that’s what’s right. Actually, no one should be an animal product consumer xD it’s terrible for the environment, and it unnecessarily enslaves and tortures animals for pleasure. At the moment, vegans are the minority and it is hard to not have that us vs them mentality but I know and agree that the barrier shouldn’t be there. But the good news is that veganism is on the rise, and I think this is because of the information out there.

Russell Brand ‘if you’ve got any concern at all about animal welfare, you’ve got to not eat meat’.

I can’t find who said it, and my version isn’t word to word anyway. But I want to fight for animals because there are so many people determined to harm them. I hope to do more when I’m in an English speaking country to help them.


* for the animals * for the planet * for health

A summary

I know people hate Peta. But this video is only a minute long and gets the point across. It’s also animated so you don’t see any gory bits.
I totally agree with her. Actually watching the behind the scenes is the best deterrent for supporting animal cruelty. Don’t like what you see? Stop paying for it to happen.
Paul McCartney’s ‘If slaughterhouses had glass walls’

For the Animals

Don’t anthropomorphise

I hear this a lot. Why not? Just because dogs, cats, cows, pigs, chickens, rabbits etc aren’t the same species as us, doesn’t mean they don’t feel pain, fear, happy, love, comfort; that they don’t bleed, scream, and struggle, try to survive. Animals are sentient. They are not plants. And if you cannot tell the difference between a plant and an animal, I worry about you.
Have you ever seen an animal dreaming? Because I used to giggle at how adorable it was when cats and dogs that would run in their sleep. I’ve actually woken a dog up from a nightmare because he seemed really frightened, and I comforted him afterwards and he went from trembling from fright to licking me to death.
I think it’s incredibly unfair to justify the cruel treatment of animals just because they cannot talk.
As for the food chain, I’m sure we’re under lions and bears and so on if we met them unarmed, we’d be gone. This is something a lot of people have a hard time grasping. We are not obligate carnivores.

Animals are sentient and exhibit intelligence

 Here’s Carl Safina’s talk on animals’ thoughts and emotions. It’s about 20 minutes long.
Animals should have rights. And no, I don’t mean the right to vote, but the right to live without humans torturing them, killing and eating them.
A pig doing a simple puzzle
A compilation on farm animals:

Treatment of Animals

Animals are treated horrendously all over the world.
Here’s a documentary that came out in 2005 about our relationship with animals in all aspects: as pets, as food, as clothes, as entertainment, and as guinea pigs for our science experiments. 


I can’t recommend this film enough.

Here’s an online pamphlet about ‘humane farming.’

I used to tell myself this too to make myself better; that the horrible evil industries were in the minority but the good ones were in the majority. It’s a lie.
Most animals die by getting their throats slit, even chickens (I used to think they got their heads chopped off). And if there’s a lot of animals to process, sometimes they can’t be killed quickly. I've seen different footages of animals, like cows waking up when their throats are slit and struggling, and pigs waking up with their throats slit while they get burned alive, either through hot water or with fire to get rid of their hair. One day old male chicks are thrown alive and conscious into grinders and this is standard. It even happens at KFC in Japan. And if you still buy animal products, you pay for this to happen.

Some animals are raised on ‘humane’ (where everything like castrating is still all done without anaesthesia) farms, which are still better than factory farms, but they all end up at the same place a majority of the time.

Issues with animal welfare in New Zealand


Even though it’s all animal welfare approved and ‘ethical’ (because fuck farm animals. They must have tortured us in our past lives or something) unwanted male chicks are thrown into a grinder. This is an article from New Zealand about it.
Well, it’s a pretty fucked up thing to be paid to do – mince baby male chicks. 2.5 million male chicks are killed a year in New Zealand, for eggs.
Gassing and mincing male chicks in the UK
All female chicks are de-beaked without anaesthesia, because they go nuts, especially if they’re to live in tiny cages for the rest of their lives, which are cut short when they don’t product enough eggs. Doesn’t matter if it’s free-range or not. Chickens are not free to roam in the free-range egg industries too. After the hens’ production levels decrease, off to the slaughterhouse. Also, did you know eggs are basically chicken periods and they come out of their arses? Hens usually eat the eggs to gain back their nutrients. But we’ve bred them to produce eggs at an unnatural rate for our benefit.

What's wrong with eggs?

The poultry industry

Basically the same as the egg industry. De-beaked or castrated without anaesthesia, and their beaks are sensitive. Non-organic poultry are typically raised indoors, in cages. In New Zealand, they’re raised in A4 sized cages.



We only outlawed farrowing crates in New Zealand in December 2015. But we still have factory farmed pigs. Just put yourself in their shoes.
It’s standard procedure to castrate them and pull the teeth from piglets without anaesthesia. They live in cramped, typically uncomfortable spaces.

Robyn Malcolm presenting this information. I know this was filmed in NZ 6 years ago, and we’ve FINALLY stopped farrowing crates, but farrowing crates are still common practice around the world. We also still do everything else in this video.


It doesn’t matter if animals were brought up on ‘humane farms’ they all end up at slaughterhouses. Not to mention the harrowing ride there, completely uncomfortable and frightening for animals.
Paul McCartney’s ‘If slaughterhouses had glass walls’


I’m just going to link Seaspiracy by ‘the friendly activist’

For the planet:

Animal agriculture is the biggest culprit when it comes to climate change, deforestation, animal extinction, water depletion, dead zones in the oceans, animal extinction, loss of land habitat…..
This documentary is really informative and explains a lot and has research to back it:
It’s also available on Netflix.
Here’s their website, I’m linking the fact page
There’s also a presentation by Doctor Richard Oppenlander about how unsustainable it is

My thoughts on this

People have known for a long time. I see many similarities between the animal agriculture industry and the oil industry. About a hundred people have been murdered by the animal agriculture industry for speaking out, similar to how oil companies have killed many people that invented cars that didn’t run off petrol. Animal agriculture industries have paid people to support them and they fund politicians and all sorts of other powerful people. This is similar to oil companies that do the same, they fund politicians and important people too to support them.

113 grams of beef is equivalent to taking 26 showers. A hamburger 32 showers. This is because of how much water is needed to raise a cow. The 2.5% fresh water we have on Earth is being shared with around 70 billion farm animals and … well… we have over 7.5 000 000 000 but you know, taste is more important than people’s lives…. 
The number one cause of deforestation is animal agriculture. Trees are cut down and replaced with feed for livestock, as well as actual livestock. For example, 98% of soy is fed to farm animals.
The whole business causes endangered animals to go extinct and other species to become endangered. If we processed the food for people instead of animals (if, hypothetically, everyone went vegan) we could feed 10 billion people and end world hunger. Cows consume about 3 times more food and more water than us. And we kill 70, 000, 000, 000 farm animals a year. The demand for meat is really high. Red meat is gaining popularity in Asia too, unfortunately. I think it’s the lack of awareness. The way we’re going, we’re going to need three Earths to sustain us when our population increases. There’s just not going to be enough land to satisfy our appetites.    
A trillion marine lives are taken a year for food. It’s been predicted that there will be no fish by 2048. A student told me that it’s necessary for Japan to hunt whales because there is a fish shortage, and the whales are eating them. The thing is, whales are endangered. Even if they weren’t, they’re not the ones eating all the fish. It’s people that are eating all the fish! Whales produce at a slower rate than us, it takes 18 months for a whale to give birth to a calf. But there is too much ignorance and I think it’s going to (and already has with the increasingly extreme natural disasters caused by climate change) kill a lot of us. Seaspiracy by ‘the friendly activist’ again
 There’s going to be wars over lack of resources like water and food. In one interview, a Syrian said that one of the reasons for the civil war was a drought in Syria and the government being indifferent about people suffering over it.
As for the economy…… I don’t know why our economies rely on death and suffering. And yeah, relying on animal agriculture is the root of death and suffering. If we keep this up, there will be more wars, and less resources. Food prices are expected to skyrocket with climate change as it gets harder to cultivate products like corn (which, like soy, are also fed to livestock by the way), CHOCOLATE AND COFFEE D :  life without chocolate and coffee, horrible: *sighs* I live off beans too. Thanks climate change deniers! -__-
Why don’t we change what our economy relies on? Why can’t it rely on delicious vegan food and cruelty-free products? How about hemp? I know I’m not educated enough, and I’ve been told by people that know more about economics that we need animal agriculture. But if we rely on it… we will run out of resources to even feed the animals and be fucked as a result anyway.  

I’m a pretty negative person at times. I give up on the environment. That’s not to say that I don’t do what I can, I recycle (well… I’ve just moved and they don’t have a recycling system in this neck of the woods) and mostly refuse bags, and still talk about climate change and global warming. But… I love driving. The thing is, hundreds of people have ‘disappeared’ for being a threat to the oil industry whether they’ve designed a car that runs of alternatives or for speaking out against them. Fighting climate change is a hard fight and one we all need to be involved in.

When I am being negative (which is usual), I think people are either going to act when it’s too late, or shit’s going to hit the fan and people still won’t realise why even though the information was right in front of their faces. I saw a doco (Years of Living Dangerously - ) where a woman lost her job and a factory (something to do with cows, not particularly sure what because I saw it a while ago, but the cows probably had no food) shut down because of a drought. She didn’t connect the dots, that the reason for this drought was climate change. I think this is likely to continue to happen. Even though 97% of climate change scientist have made it clear that the reason for the heavily accelerated climate change is man-made, and that with climate change, many terrible things are going to happen at a rate we won’t be able to deal with, people, for some reason, choose to believe the politicians that have been funded by oil companies to say it’s a hoax.
And you know, if humans were wiped out, the earth and the ecosystem will restore itself. The earth will be fine. But we’re going to make earth uninhabitable for us first, and bring down the poor animals with us. We can’t really make all the cars run off renewable energy straight away, or make the complete switch to renewable energy. But we can put pressure onto our governments. We can vote for the people that will make a difference.

And we can eat a plant-based diet to mitigate what we can environmentally. And giving up animal products is more effective for the environment than giving up cars, buses, and so on.  I mean, I’m not saying do one and not the other, I’m saying, do what you can. Keep informed. And being on a plant-based diet is the easiest and the most you can do for the environment.

I think these problems are why it’s so important to educate people and get information out there.

Vegan Food and Health:

It’s too expensive
Cheap Lazy Vegan also does video tutorials on how to cook cheap food that’s easy to make


It’s standard practice for farmers to feed their livestock with supplements. I think it’s better if we take the supplements directly instead of second hand. Vegans do need to take b12 supplements as far as I know, but… some meat-eaters get deficient in it too! Yeah, you can definitely get sick on a vegan diet, like you can on an omnivorous diet. I don’t think it’s a cure. You can definitely get sick from only eating plant-based junk foods. But I do think it’s the healthier option, and a whole foods plant-based diet is the best one.

Vitamin b12

A summary by ‘The vegan activist’
Dr Michael Greger - 40 Year Vegan Dies of a Heart Attack! New research on Omega-3's and B12.
Chia seeds dudes! They have omega-3. Pop a couple of teaspoons in your smoothies or whatever (just don’t pop it in your mouth and chase it with water because you’ll choke, chia seeds expand with liquid)
Basically, soil has b12. But because we use pesticides and/or wash our vegetables, we kill the b12. We have a chance of getting it second-hand through eating animal flesh, which it’s standard for the animals to be supplemented with before their slaughter, OR we could take the supplements directly.


Man dies after 7 years on a vegan diet D :
Have you actually ever heard of someone dying from protein deficiency? It’s pretty difficult to be protein deficient.
Women need 46 grams a day, men need 56 grams (and more if you’re wanting to be athletic). A cup of soy has 29 grams, a cup of black beans have 15grams, a piece of toast has 5 grams….. you’d have to be eating terribly/under eating to become protein deficient.
Vegan Gains has information

Tim Shieff isn’t worried, and he’s been vegan for years and he’s thriving. Go to 7.32  to hear him talk about protein.

The son of Irv Robbins (Baskin and Robbins), John Robbins, on health. Start from 10:45 minutes 
Heaps more out there. Watch ‘Forks over Knives’

Vegan Blood Test Results
He was low on b vitamins, again, for b12, you can use supplements. Meat-eaters also get low on b12.

What do I eat?

You don’t have to give anything up, you just have to learn to veganise it. Once upon a time, I didn’t like beans and I hated soy milk. Now I order soy mochas and lattes (sometimes they’re pretty good, other times not). I love lentils, red kidney beans, and chick peas. Your taste buds change.
Nutritional yeast is amazing btw, to get that cheesy flavour. is amazing for recipe ideas.

I usually meal prep because I can’t be bothered cooking every day. Follow me on pinterest:
Again, Cheap Lazy Vegan does video tutorials
Of course, you can omit what you don’t like and add what you do.
Just google search a recipe you want + vegan.

HappyCow app is also good. Download it. I’ve found that there are about 30 vegan restaurants/cafes in Tokyo!!!! Had no idea!
Make sure you eat when you’re hungry! Vegans consume less calories than meat-eaters so please eat up!



As for vegans spreading their propaganda? What about the meat, egg, and dairy industry spreading theirs? They talk about how unhealthy vegan diets are, even though there’s plenty of evidence that proves a whole foods plant-based diet is a good one and an animal product filled one isn’t. The world health association avoids blatantly telling people to give up animal products but instead brushes on it, perhaps because the meat, egg, and dairy industries are freaking powerful and can sue the shit out of them. There are advertisements everywhere promoting those industries, and I see them all the time. They also pay people to write articles advocating their products. They highlight the fact that their products are ‘proper’ food and are healthy. They sue when they’re threatened by competitors (think: Hampton Creek, and Oatly). In the U.S, they’ve approved ag-gag laws all around making it illegal to film or photograph inside farms and slaughterhouses without permission. Why make it illegal if you have nothing to hide especially when it comes to defenceless beings? Is it because documentaries like ‘Earthlings’ came out and made people like me not want anything to do with animals suffering?

I remember there were at least two occasions when Meadow Fresh (a NZ dairy company) came to my primary school promoting their milk products. They talked about how happy the cows were, how they needed to be milked, and got us to sample their products or let us do a taste test and choose which types of milk we liked. In Japan, all kids have a carton of milk with their lunches. And so so so so many people, me included, have/had no idea over 2,000,000 calves are slaughtered a year as by-products in New Zealand so that we can have a dairy industry. So many people don’t know cows have to be pregnant to produce milk.

John Robbins (was the heir to Baskin and Robbins but wanted nothing to do with it) about ‘Happy Cows’

‘The government would have stepped in if things were really that bad’.
Really?!??! Are you aware of how corrupt our governments are? Dude, bribery is a thing. Look at the oil companies, paying thousands and thousands to politicians to get them to deny the claim (which 97% of climate scientists claim and have evidence for) that climate change is something to worry about and it’s accelerated at rates we cannot deal with because of our own doing. The government subsidises animal products, and the animal product industries pay politicians. It’s a cycle. And if we all turn a blind eye to it, then it’s to our own detriment. We can be manipulated by our governments as much as we like, but it’s to our own downfall, not to theirs or to the rich. 

Documentaries, youtube videos, and other sources:

Kalel is amazing. She’s beautiful, intelligent, compassionate, funny, and cute. 
I love this video: – Why I’m vegan. It’s 28.13 minutes long and is a summary. It summarises everything.

And I completely agree. I watched animals get slaughtered, and it’s horrible and disturbing. Now, whenever I see a direct animal product (animal flesh) it’s like a trigger. I remember seeing the pain, the wriggling, the struggling, the suffering, and hearing the screams. I remember seeing them trembling to their deaths, getting pelted or electrocuted.
When I see dairy, it’s a little lighter. But then I see the calves get killed and the cows being over milked to the point where they can’t even walk and collapse from exhaustion. 
Kalel does ‘what I eat’ where she shows what she eats and how to make it. It’s helpful.
Gary Yourofsky does a lot of research and shares it. He doesn’t sugar coat things and tells it as it is. He is said to have converted 8% of Israelis to veganism. Not that I see it as converting, I see it as informing people, and the people that go vegan have reassessed their lifestyles with a more informed mind.
His channel is good. He has loads of information on his site
Plant Based News gives regular updates. I love their overview of 2015, it cheers me up and reminds me that the world is changing albeit slowly.
and Klaus is super cute.
SAFEanimaladvocacy has a lot of videos shot to raise awareness from NZ animal industries
The Friendly Activist is pretty chill. He’s young, 22 years old. But goes about his life, shares information he knows and his involvement with the vegan community. He sometimes does really good informative videos.
This is the best video I think he’s done. I was impressed with this one about marine life and its relationship with the environment.
Bite Size Vegan is very informative in all areas, including nutrition. You can just look through her channels, which are categorised. I didn’t know why honey wasn’t harmless until she explained it xD I've also found out about the history of Veganism, which was just really well done and super interesting
Vegan Bros
are hilarious. I think they have good ideas, but I don’t always agree with what they have to say 100%. I’m with Gary Yourofsky on not holding back information. They discourage nit-picking and spreading little information by guilt-tripping vegans. I’ve become one of those vegans that can’t really tolerate seeing meat anymore because I automatically associate it with animals suffering, their screams and watching blood gush out of their throats while they watch in horror. But, by me being a complete freak and not wanting to eat with meat-eaters while they eat meat, I’m discouraging veganism and therefore contributing to it. I do get their points but argh. They overall do spread a lot of information to non-vegans and do provide comedy.
Ha, even Peta said the same thing about ordering at restaurants: it’s just easier for me to go to a place I know HAS vegan options, better yet, a vegan café. 
Vegan Gains I don’t want his channel much. I’m not interested in muscles. But he’s proof you can get muscly on a vegan diet
as is Conscious Muscle - I follow him on Instagram.
The Vegan Activist puts a lot of work and research into his videos. They’re typically short and get the point across.
The Vegan Revolution is pretty good too. He makes a top 10 list of youtube moments which are entertaining. He's talented and funny. I think his channel is one of my favourites.

Tim (Livewire) Shieff aka The Vegan Prince and Tim the Human. I only discovered him recently but he is incredibly beautiful. I'm not just saying that aesthetically, although he's that too. I'm super lazy but after watching his vlogs, I want to start jogging xD he does a range of things like parkour, free running, cooking, motivational talking etc. He strikes me as an old soul xD I know that sounds weird but that's how I feel about him. 

I love Vegan Sidekick and I follow him on Instagram. His comics are hilarious.
He also has a guide, basically arguments for veganism.

Gary Yourofsky's informative 


 * Earthlings aspect of animals in all areas of our lives: pets, food, clothing, entertainment, and testing.
* Forks over Knives about diet
* Cowspiracy about the environment

I love Earthlings. It’s so powerful and I love the message. Cowspiracy was eye opening. It’s all so obvious, but it took watching the film and having everything spelt out to me to get it.
I haven’t seen all of these, but here are some reviews for more


I support Peta overall. I love them, I think they do a lot of good and fight a lot for animals and bring awareness to a lot of us otherwise clueless people. Because of Peta, I know which products don’t test on animals and are vegan. I know a lot of shit that goes on behind the scenes that I wouldn’t have known otherwise.

I don’t completely agree 100% with everything they do. There are things they do that I think is completely unnecessary but I do try to understand why they do the things they do and usually can. I get that they do capture dogs that are being tortured by their families to put them down. So many animal shelters, not just Peta, can’t afford to keep and feed and care for millions of strays, so they do put healthy animals down.

2.4 million healthy, adoptable animals in the U.S alone are put down a year (ADOPT DON’T SHOP! SPAY AND NEUTER!). Thousands around the world are put down every hour. But, something I don’t agree with is Peta capturing healthy stray cats to put down – cats are self-sufficient making this completely unnecessary. I do get their stance. There’s a man in Japan that keeps stray cats to torture for fun. Japan isn’t doing anything about that so he gets away with it and gets to brag about that. I guess Peta would rather put animals down than risk a psycho getting to them.

Peta is far from perfect, but as far as I know, they fight pretty damn hard for animals. A lot of information I know is because of them. So I’m thankful for them.  
And if you buy and consume animal products, remember that Peta does a hell of a lot more than you. At least they give animals painless, quick deaths (they euthanise. Another argument they had for it is that other shelters sometimes don't have enough money and gas, which is painful for the animals). Do you pay for that when you pay for animal products? No.

My own ‘journey’

When I was growing up, I loved Cadbury’s milk chocolate, goody-goody gum drops ice cream, mint sauce on lamb chops, pork with apple sauce, chicken kebabs, cheeseburgers, and so on. I’ve always loved animals – not just to eat *feels sick remembering*- I couldn’t get enough of them. I picked up a duckling when I was ten and was chased by its furious mother, even after I had given her duckling back to her. My dad took me to a petting farm, and I snuggled up to a really adorable, sweet, black and white calf. It didn’t mind me but I remember thinking that it seemed sad or distracted or both. It was in a fence. I disconnected the animals from the meat. I knew the meat came from the animals I loved, but I didn’t really at the same time. At one point, I declared I wanted to farm animals because I loved them so much, and my parents laughed and said I wouldn’t be able to handle it. They knew I didn’t know that farmers sent their animals to slaughter. They were right, if I had become a farmer, well, I probably couldn’t have become one in the first place. I would have wanted to have seen what a slaughterhouse was like first-hand and would have changed careers right away. I remember wanting to go vegetarian and being told that I’d get sick. I could only eat salad anyway, and after a few days, I decided that my parents were right because I was so freaking hungry (I wasn’t eating enough was why) and took it as a free pass to binge whenever I wanted without thinking about where it came from or what I was contributing to. People downplayed things a lot, animals die so quickly, they don’t even know what hit them.

All was well until I started working in a supermarket at 15, I think I was either 15 or 16? A pig’s head came through my checkout, a customer wanted to purchase it and it was $2. I was thoroughly sickened. I could see the head, devoid of life (well, duh). I’ve seen pigs alive, with life behind their eyes. You can interact with pigs. I have. Seeing this pig’s head… what bothered me was that it looked scared shitless, and someone had chopped its head off, freezing the frightened expression. It disturbed me and after five minutes, I decided to try going vegetarian and remembering this vegetarian girl with Indian parents who didn’t die from not eating meat. Because I was working, I could afford to buy my own food, beans etc. Sometimes I remember being hungry and finding it hard and missing cheeseburgers, other times I remember finding it really easy and thinking I’d be vegetarian for life and really enjoying it. I tried a lot of food I was too fussy to try and my tastes changed with time. But I got asked a lot why I didn’t eat meat, and then I got a lot of opinions. Whenever I got sick, people blamed it on me not eating meat. Me being tired was blamed on iron deficiency (turned out I had glandular fever). I started to believe people over time that what I was doing was fucking weird and unnatural. I believed their arguments and to this day, I regret it.

New Zealand has good regulations, so the bad stuff doesn’t happen in New Zealand. That I anthropomorphise. That animals need to be killed. That it’s part of the food chain. That we evolved because we ate cooked meat so we shouldn’t stop now. That we have canines to eat animals. That you can’t be healthy without meat. That animals don’t know what’s coming. That we don’t kill many animals, I mean, a beef patty is only a small part of a cow, right? That no matter how many vegetarians there were, it wouldn’t change a thing. That we’ve always done it this way. That vegetarianism is radical. That if we didn’t eat the farm animals, we’d have problems because there would be too many of them. That we would be eating all the vegetables if we didn’t eat meat. We need a ‘balanced’ omnivorous diet.

All this, ladies and gentlemen, or gentlepeople, is a load of bullshit!

I went back to eating meat when I was about 19. At first, half a cheeseburger would make me feel bloated, but I got used to it again and reintroduced it into my life little by little until eventually I could disconnect the meat from the animals.  
I learned to suppress any thought on it. If it was the norm, and most people were doing it without any qualms, especially all the smart and/or kind people I knew and loved, then surely it must have been okay. We’re much better than we were a hundred years ago, we developed didn’t we? Anything wrong with society would have been more or less squelched by now, right?

No, not at all. We still have a fucking problem and it’s an old but current problem.

Animals do not need to be killed for us. We’re far too anthropocentric. Oh, a duck is only chasing some monster that took its baby out of instinct? What about us? What about our instincts? Do we only do things because of instincts too? Do we not feel love, it’s just an instinct? A dog doesn’t get depressed? Ha, neither do we then. Animals don’t feel pain so it’s okay even though now it’s been scientifically proven that they do, well, okay, on that note, I may as well poke your eyes with a hot iron rod to force you into a slaughterhouse, stun you so you can’t move, and slit your throat when you’re still alive to drain your blood and feed you to the lions, something must be done about the human population. Or, I can take a leaf out of the egg industry’s book, and chuck humans into a grinder and it’s all okay. Circle of life. I’m the only being that is capable of feeling pain because I have proof of my own pain but not others. Right?
Oh come on, we’re animals. We’ve gone brains, just like non-human animals, and a central nervous system like non-human animals (but unlike plants). We feel emotions, comfort, and pain just like non-human animals do. And yeah, I have heard that compared to people, fish feel less pain, dolphins feel more pain, but pain is still pain. Fear is still fear. Blood is blood. Suffering is suffering.

Farming animals isn’t part of the food chain. We have access to plants and grains, we don’t need animal flesh. And us being true omnivores is debatable given our anatomy and nature. We seem to be getting pretty ill from animal products. We’re also the only species that drinks breast milk in adulthood… and it’s not even of our own species! Maybe we evolved from eating cooked food, that doesn’t mean eating meat will help us to continue to evolve. I think for us to develop into a kinder, peaceful species, we should all go vegan. And if we don't, we're going to wipe ourselves out because there won't be enough resources to sustain us, the weather will only get more and more extreme. And we're going to get sick from bird flu, mad cow disease and the likes.

Our canines are nothing like those of an obligate carnivore.
You can thrive without animal flesh

Animals do know what’s coming. Ever watched a slaughterhouse video or been to one? Ever heard their screams?
We kill over 70 billion farm animals a year and over 2 trillion sea animals. If no one went vegan, we wouldn’t change a thing. Not all humans have been omnivorous. Think of Hindus and Buddhists. Also, people like Leonardo Da Vinci and Aristotle were said to be vegetarians. If we had that mind set of ‘we’ve always done it this way’ okay, get rid of your modern equipment, take away the rights of women and coloured people. Obviously we should regress then because you don’t want to give up animal products.

Some of the best things we have done was because of radicalism. We have a supply by demand situation, if animals weren’t demanded, the supply of them would match and the numbers we breed would decrease. As for eating all the vegetables, what do you think animals live off of? Magic? I think it’s great to eat plant-foods directly. We don’t need a ‘balanced’ omnivorous diet. It’s unnecessarily cruel and environmentally damaging.

           Animals are not here just for us. I know how this sounds. When someone told me this a few years ago, I thought, ‘what about me?’ and that’s the thing, isn’t it? What about us? What about the animals? They’re there in their own right. I think it’s fantastic to adopt domestic animals, I encourage it! You’re giving the animal a better life. But I don’t think it should be because you want it for your own benefits, although it’s good to do something good and find it rewarding. I had that mind-set, I want an animal for me, to have company so I won’t be as lonely.  I want a kitten or a puppy so they can grow attached to me and not be used to another and because baby animals are super cute to me. But that’s the thing, animals shouldn’t be considered property. And I’m sorry if you don’t like what I’m saying, and you can disagree. I used to think I’d adopt a kitten or a puppy, but now in the distant future when I’m financially stable, I’ll adopt animals that get along with other species, or have been looking for a home the longest, for them and to give them a decent life. 

I think it's in our nature to want to possess things. But just because it's in our nature, it doesn't make it beautiful or ideal.

Hmmmm… back to the journey. I felt wrong about eating meat, the last meat product I had was chicken and I didn’t enjoy it because I felt too bad and it tasted a bit like cardboard. I think I have good memories of meat and of it tasting good, but I don’t enjoy meat now (especially with relating it to the animals being slaughtered and not being able to disconnect the flesh from the beautiful being it once was). I knew a bit about the egg industry, I knew about factory farmed eggs and only bought free-range ones but still ate egg products in food bought at restaurants or in food like cake. I watched ‘Cowspiracy’ and knew I wanted to go vegan in September I think. And then in October 2015, I watched ‘Earthlings’ and I realised I needed to go vegan ASAP and that I wanted nothing to do with animals suffering and so I’m doing what I can not to.
It’s hard when you go out to non-vegan places. And it’s hard watching people you love eat animal products without wanting to think about where it came from or what they’re contributing to. It’s also hard talking to idiots and apathetic people. But, aside from that, it’s really easy. I love being vegan and I’m going to stay vegan for the rest of my life. My conscience is clear. If I must take supplements, I’d rather do that. It’s better than taking the supplements second hand.

It is hard in Japan to find products that weren’t tested on animal products. I have a mixture of products that weren’t tested on animals (bought from Lush for example), some I’ve made myself, and some that most likely were. But veganism isn’t about purity, it’s about mitigating the suffering of animals as much as you can. If everyone ate a plant-based diet, then everything else will naturally fall into place. Sugar companies will stop using bone char to filter their products. Cosmetics and cleaning products will stop being tested on animals. Zoos that are there for profits will go out of business (I do sort of think it’s okay to have a huge enclosure with disabled animals that need to be looked after...)  

‘Don’t do nothing because you can’t do everything’ - Colleen Patrick-Goudreau.

I still need work for sure:

Man, I’m not perfect for sure! I still need to work on buying organic, buying less junk I don’t need, and using less plastic. I need to learn more about why organic and about how me buying junk affects the poor people working in hard-labour factories. If you have information in any of these, please feel free to link me! I am blind-sided, a friend linked an article. How we have to tackle corporations, not focus on convincing people to go vegan. Something that put me off it was the information about how advocating tofu over beef was the equivalent of changing ordinary light-bulbs to more efficient light-bulbs – inefficient on the grand scale of things. I don’t get this at all, seeing as 138 grams of beef is the same as taking 26 showers, and animal agriculture is the leading cause of climate change. It’s completely unsustainable and inefficient for the rising population of 7.5 billion humans on earth and the 70 billion farm animals raised for slaughter a year, not to mention the 2.7 trillion sea animals. But, please give me more information if you have it. I do read it and try to understand it. Maybe I’m just not bright enough to get things like that article. I also have a defence mechanism because parts of me feel like many people are trying to disregard veganism because it’s more convenient to, even though we’re paying for the convenience now with the inconvenience of our future.  

And you know, yeah, a lot of shit happens in this world. I get told, ‘what about the people working in factories?’ Yeah, well, just because we choose one cause, doesn’t mean we give up others. We should be doing what we can to be mitigating the damage we cause. As for other problems we can’t actually control like people being tortured, well, we can control whether we support animal cruelty by actively keeping animal products of our plates.

Vegan language is weird

I think the reasons why vegans say ‘murder’ and ‘rape’ is to make their messages effective. If you say ‘oh, animals are turned into meat’ ‘animals are inseminated’ it doesn’t really show the brutality. For some reason, even the word ‘slaughter’ doesn’t work with people =/ These animals that go to slaughterhouses do not want to be there. They have to be forced off with hot iron rods or whatever means necessary. They do not consent to being made into food. They suffer. Factory farms are evil. They trap animals with no mental stimuli and no comfort to be depressed, grow unnaturally and rapidly big, and to be driven mad.

I don’t like euphemisms when it works as a detriment to creatures.

I remember saying ‘I don’t want to know’ but now as someone who knows a lot more, I wish I knew what I know now, a long time ago. I wish it was forced upon me to look at what I was paying for. Because, that’s what we do when we buy animal products, we’re paying for other creatures to suffer just for momentary pleasure.


I’m agnostic, not atheist, for a reason. I mean, maybe there’s nothing out there, maybe there’s something. I don’t know. I don’t believe in the Christian god, the one Christians preach about. To me, that religion is as inconsistent as a cat’s decision to stay in or go out.  But some part of me believes that there must have been something spiritual. Without humans, we would have a working ecosystem. The ecosystem would have worked well. It’s that that makes me think maybe something is out there in the universe. Some divine spiritual element or something. It’s people that have ruined the ecosystem after all by over consumption. We’ve polluted Earth, we kill trillions of marine life a year, and over 70 billion farm animals.  
It’s us that has fucked up the ecosystem big time, and are still fucking it up. I had a student tell me that Japan needs to hunt whales (even the endangered ones in the sanctuary) because whales are eating all the fish. It’s people that are eating all the fish. That’s caused species extinction. We’re over populated and we’re exhausting the planet.
I think if there is a divine god(s/dess/desses), then they would not approve of how we treat animals at all. Especially seeing as we (the people who have access to grains and vegetables) do not need animals for sustenance. We are awfully cruel. And in no religious books that I know of, does it state, that being vegan is a sin. It instead encourages compassion, which is what we heavily lack.
Animals aren’t here for us to do what we like with at their expense, but we’ve assumed that they are.

We’ve always done it this way

Dangerous words mate. We should aim to progress, not degenerate. If things didn’t change, women wouldn’t have the right to vote, slavery would still be the norm.

One of my favourite authors, Mary Shelley, was a vegetarian (not sure if vegetarian meant vegan back then, and there isn’t enough evidence to say vegan). She wrote the book ‘Frankenstein’ and I love how the monster was pretty much vegan. He couldn’t eat animals. Mary Shelley’s husband, Percy Shelley, was a vegetarian too, and this was in the early 1800s. EARLY 1800s!!!! He wrote an essay ‘A Vindication of a Natural Diet’ and it baffles me that he knew what we know now in that day and age. I read that essay, he points out how we’re like orang-utans judging by our physical similarities. He also says how he was thriving off a vegetarian alcohol-free diet. He talks about all the illnesses of his time and the links between them and meat consumption, just like this day and age with heart disease and diabetes. The same problems! I love how he talks about the story of Prometheus and his punishment of being eaten over and over again by a crow (his liver being immortal so he could regenerate) probably being because he gave fire to humans, which in the end causes a lot of needless suffering for animals because we cooked them and made them edible for us (this theory, he got off someone else but I’m not sure from whom).
This was from a different article which is out of print now (devastating), but I love this quote and it’s so damn true.
If the use of animal food be, in consequence, subversive to the peace of human society, how unwarrantable is the injustice and barbarity which is exercised toward these miserable victims. They are called into existence by human artifice that they may drag out a short and miserable existence of slavery and disease, that their bodies may be mutilated, their social feelings outraged. It were much better that a sentient being should never have existed, than that it should have existed only to endure unmitigated misery. (The attachment of animals to their young is very strong. The monstrous sophism that beasts are pure unfeeling machincs, and do not reason, scarcely requires a confutation.)’

And, don’t forget that Indians and Buddhist monks have lived off vegetarian diets.

People from Pythagoras to Plutarch advocated veganism.

George Bernard Shaw (author, famous for Pygmalion – which was later adapted into the film ‘My Fair Lady’) was a vegetarian and I loved how he was pretty much like ‘Yay! A dinner with the carcasses of dead animals. Fantastic! No thanks’ 

‘Animals are my friends, and I don’t eat friends.’
He was a complete vegetarian advocate. ‘While our bodies are the living graves of murdered animals, how can we expect any ideal conditions on Earth?’  
As was Leo Tolstoy, who said ‘as long as there are slaughterhouses, there will be battlefields’.

I always get told ‘we can’t even be kind to each other, let alone animals’. What about reversing that statement. We can’t even be kind to and respect animals, how can we expect to be kind to and respect each other?
After all, the way we treat animals is a reflection of ourselves. 

Be kind. Choose Vegan.

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