Friday, 29 January 2016

Gotokuji Temple

I'm rubbish with directions. If you're better at it, at the station, if you say 'gotokuji tela wa doko desu ka?' 豪徳寺てらはどこですか? Wait. what? 豪徳寺寺  urgh my Japanese is so bad xD if... tera (they pronounce r's more like l's) is 寺 and kuji is 寺... I'm missing something. Never mind. Well, the station worker somehow understood what I wanted.
They'll probably give you a map like they did with me (say 'a-li-ga-to-go-zai-mas' thank you!... *teaching my bad Japanese xD use at your own discretion*) The first time I went, I gave up and thought it was shut (it was 5pm) but it actually closes at 6pm and I shouldn't have given up.
Anyway, this was my second attempt and by this time, I had lost the map but felt guilty about using more paper so I winged it using google maps (still got lost and had to ask for directions again).

Anyhow, in case you're as incompetent with directions as I am, here are mine xD

Oh, I went to Gotokuji Temple, which has loads of maneki nekos. Maneki means to beckon. So beckoning cats. Lucky cats. Usually when you start up a business like a restaurant, you pop one of these things somewhere to bring good fortune.

So when you exit, turn left.

Walk straight. 

Aw the artwork is lovely. It's the year of the monkey.

The cute kitties say, Gotokuji ->
we're going the right way ; )

Basically walk straight until you see a Lawson 100 to the left and train tracks to the right. You want to turn left (not right and have to ask for directions like me).

Turn right when you see... they have Bridgestone in Japan? Oh, a google search reveals it's a Japanese company. Oh.... *coughs*

Walk until the end, turn left. Part of me wanted to try and find a short cut. But I was getting hungry (I went to Hanada Rosso afterwards)

Turn right. There's another map. Basically we have to do a big circle.

Continue on, past the cat chair. 

Turn right

Reach the end and turn right again.

Turn right again... a lot of rights, aren't there? You could probably just follow the outer gates until you get there like I did xD

When you see these gates, bingo.

Pa. Go. Da.

To get to the important part :P ... you want to aim for the tree in the middle of this picture: 

Some abandoned fortunes. You can get a fortune for 100 yen, and if you don't like it, you can leave it at the temple and that should lessen or make your (bad) luck obsolete. I think they look pretty though, on the tree xD

Creepy or freaking awesome? Awesome yeah?

Thank you thank you. ありがとうありがとう

*I cannot move, I have a cat on me. It's an unwritten law, even deities have to obey*

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