Thursday, 24 December 2015

Shiodome 15/12/2015

I've found that there are about 30 vegan restaurants/cafes in Tokyo using the 'Happy Cow' app : O so I went to the one closest to where I live, Minami-Machida. I feel like my friends (all but one in Japan are meat-eaters) aren't interested in going to vegan places with me. Well... that's not exactly fair. My roommates are busy lately and don't usually have time off at the same time as me. But I'm no longer interested in eating in places with meat, because every time I look at it, I'm haunted by the videos I watched from the slaughterhouses, of the animals getting their throats slit while conscious and their screams.  It's easier to just avoid meat. I went alone xD

Anyhow, so... in 6889cafe is situated 8 minutes from the station. I used google maps to find it. A rough set of directions is to come out of the station, when you see the road, go left until you see an Adidas Outlet billboard, then turn left again, go straight and then follow the curvy road, and you'll eventually see a sign. Use google maps ; )
The cafe is uber cute and they have a set dish. I think it's their specialty and the little side dishes change every day. It's so good! On Tuesday, they had mock chicken, thinly sliced seaweed, quinoa, spinach, and potatoes with brown rice and creamy corn soup. I was recommended the 'chicken' wrap with sweet chilli sauce xD it was amazing! I was full by the time it came so I took it with me to Shiodome. There's always room for dessert with me and I hadn't had ice cream since going vegan. So it was such a treat. It tastes like ice cream! But it's made from soy. 
This vegan thing is not nearly as hard as I was expecting. Everything tasted great and I thoroughly recommend the place. They have other food like curry, too. I plan on being a regular customer. The whole thing was affordable, the wrap was about 500 yen, the set meal was 1000yen, organic orange (yeah... I know the colour isn't orange) was about 200 yen (free if you like them on facebook, which I was going to do anyway) and the ice cream was about 500 yen but it's probably cheaper to get the little tub thingy whatever you call it xD 
The service is amazing. The waitress spoke English well and was really accommodating. The 'Happy Cow' app was a bit different, they don't close for an hour at 3pm. They stay open from 11am until 9pm. 

After that, I went to Shiodome to see the light display at Caretta Mall.

^ on the way...

I'm not a serious video maker, though when I actually do it properly, I can spend hours editing with the right tools. I recorded this from my phone and uploaded it to facebook and then shoved them all together there. It was a bit shaky xD I half check it's focused but I usually watch what I record in real life, not through the smartphone screen xD it's a different story if I want to make a film instead of record life events, but I haven't done one in nearly a decade xD

After that, I headed over to the Shiodome clock. 

It's like, 2 minutes from Caretta, up a couple of escalators. The times it goes off are a few minutes before 12pm, 3pm, 6pm, and 8pm. It's designed by Hayao Miyazaki. 


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