Thursday, 24 December 2015

Akarenga Soko/ Yokohama Red Brick

A student tipped me off on this event, so after work the next day, I went there. You can get there from Sakurgicho station, or Minato-Mirai, but it's closer to get their from Bashamichi or Nihon-Odori. I followed people (and signs when I saw them) until I found it. It was lovely and was like how I imagine the German Christmas markets are like (it's probably a recreation of it xD  ).

Ah, I really want to go to Germany one day.

There wasn't anything for me to eat xD and what I could (hot chips/ french fries) were sold out. But alas, food wasn't the point of the visit xD ... it felt Christmas-y and I just fluffed around Yokohama. I love Yokohama!

Information on Akarenga the Christmas market finishes on Christmas day.

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