Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Emo post xD I must be living in an opposite world to everyone else. Through my horrible view of the world, we have way too many people in this planet but we’re consuming meat and dairy like it’s 1812 with a billion people. Animals feel pain and fear and are more intelligent than we know. Climate change and global warming are big problems and have and will continue to cause extreme natural disasters, global warming brought on mainly by animal product consumption and then by carbon emission. Everybody is equal and as capable as each other (granted some people are more talented or intelligent or stronger than others), no matter the race or sexuality or gender, and the differences between them, I see as social constructions. More extreme natural disasters are going to cause more poverty and people are going to be trying to find ways to avoid being in poverty by exploiting others or living in ignorance while others are being used. But we’re breeding every day, animal product consumption is increasing even if more animals are being harmed in the process - fuck animals, people either think they can’t feel pain or their pain is worth a meal - people like their stereotypes, we’re still looking for oil reserves to burn more carbon emissions, we’re giving corporations more power and we’re not caring about the underdogs, we’re exploiting more people every day. People ask me why I don’t want children, I have many reasons but the main reason is because I see the world this way. Maybe I am too negative. I’m going to watch Daredevil now xD though I should be watching Disney or something xD

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