Monday, 21 September 2015

COWSPIRACY - Official Teaser 1 - HD

From the film 'Cowspiracy' (watch it if you care about the environment or animals) we have over 7.3 billion people in this world, and this number is going to keep increasing. We raise 70,000,000,000 farm animals. If we look at cows, cows need a lot more than we do food and water wise. Does this not strike anyone as insane, the way we gorge on meat (and dairy, but meat is the biggest issue)? And to raise 70,000,000,000, think about how much forestry we'd have to cut down for farming? More so for ethical farming, which I'd support over factory farming any day, but still.

Alice on Wednesday

I met up with Alex at Harajuku on Wednesday. 

We wandered around for a bit looking for 'Alice on Wednesday' (we had to use google map). 

And waddup Japan xD

My fb status from a few days ago 'I think I read a fb status about Donki (a Japanese store) and a particular adult toy section. Anyway, was wandering around the one near where I live, looking for toys for CHILDREN. There was a selection but not quite what I wanted. Nek minnit… whoa whoa whoa wtf Japan? Why are these kinds of toys in the aisle next to the children's toys?! That escalated quickly.'
People have commented that they have sparkly streamer things at the start of the aisles, I was at the end of the aisles. I'll have to go back to check whether they're at the ends because I don't remember them.

Japan beat South Africa!! News!

Anyway, we found Alice on Wednesday, which I highly recommend if you love Alice in Wonderland. I took a photo of the whole thing and deleted it later by accident. So... > . >

Alex and I went to a cafe in Shibuya with our purchases.

I got white chocolate, and strawberry and chocolate flavoured popcorn. 

After that, my friend from New Zealand moved to Japan, so my room mate, Bina and I had doughnuts and took selfies xD

Oh my god -___- 12-13 to Argentina.