Monday, 17 August 2015

Shinjuku and Yokohama wanderings

Had a few days off, so I wandered around Shinjuku with my friend. I took her to the Artnia cafe, aka Square Enix.

Oh nyo! We wanted to watch 'Inside Out' but the tickets were sold out, even though we went 2 hours before the screening *sighs*. We settled for 'Jurassic World' at the Piccadilly theatre instead.
But we had time! 

We saw a castle karaoke nomihoudai place with cool dragon street art.

and a poor rat : (

Didn't look so good. I think it's also wearing a leaf? 

A large pacman. I like pacman. But the film it was promoting... um... doesn't look like my cup of tea... 

At Artnia/Square Enix cafe

She was so happy xD

Something I've coveted for a long time now xD 

She's cute.

I really enjoyed 'Jurassic World' and I wasn't expecting to at all (but heard a lot of good things about it). The raptors were cute and the ending was what I needed. 

I saw an advertisement for 'The Little Prince' at Piccadilly

I do want to see it. 

Taken in Yokohama but....

Woooooo. It's pretty. 

My friend and I met up with some other friends and had some drinks at a beer garden. It was a different experience, I liked the atmosphere. I would like to try a forest beer garden, they remind me of the hobbit festivals in 'Lord of the Rings'. 

On Saturday, my mate and I hung around Yokohama, getting the last remnants of the Pikachu invasion after 6pm. 

We talked for ages, wandered around and ate at 'Cold Stone Creamery'. It was a nice night. 

I couldn't resist buying this and am drinking it at the moment xD


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