Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Nanshiki Kyuzyou Fireworks Display

It wasn't as humid and sweltering as it usually is today. We bought tickets to go to a baseball field and watch the fireworks. We got there at about 5pm. Everyone that bought tickets were given a mat and a fan upon entry. We found seats on some dirt as the grass was already filled up with people. We consumed snacks and drinks.

There were many people dressed in yukatas, which is common to events like these. As people filtered onto the field, I couldn't help but admire their beauty. Everyone looked gorgeous and most wore beautiful yukatas. I kept getting caught staring and had to look away (someone on facebook pointed out I should just smile whenever they catch me gaping at them, but, as I told him, I resemble Arnold Schwarzenegger's Terminator attempting to smile whenever I fake smile so I usually don't bother #restingbitchface #restingbitchfaceproblems :P ).

Dragonflies hovered around us. I tried to take photos of them.

I love dragonflies and think they're cute. My friend disagrees with me on their cuteness, though xD
 Cicadas bellowed out their summer compositions. Eventually we all got used to them to the point where they became background white noise. But they sang with such vigour and persistence, that it's like that was the reason they exhausted and extinguished their short lived adult lives and dropped their carcasses haphazardly on passers-by, in front of the paths of people walking or on mats where people were resting. They are the sound of summer, especially in Japan. 

We had a picnic and took selfies. Mayumi found some 'Hokey Pokey' ice cream to my elation. I haven't had it in over three years. Don't ask me why, but I forgot to have some when I was in New Zealand. 

It says here that it's a popular flavour in New Zealand.
The best brand to me, maybe biased, is Tip Top.


Check out my skirt. The frilly bit was deteriorating so I cut it all off : ( ... but! Jack etc stand out more : D

We watched a concert while we waited for night to fall. There was one band in particular that had a group of super cute girls that eventually waved around ribbons on stage.

And finally at 7.30, the fireworks were lit. We were exposed to the sounds of missiles before the sky would light up glittering with fireworks intermittently. There were a variety of fireworks, some were golden spangles, others formed shapes, and another kind were shooting stars aiming at each other only to narrowly dodge the collision last minutely. Whatever the kind, the fireworks all had the same destiny, to transform into twinkling stars before extinguishing into smoke.

I see a star. Do you?


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