Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Japan denying comfort women

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*sighs* this is never going to change, is it? Students still have no idea why the Chinese and Koreans are still so angry and have told me those countries just want money. As I’ve said a million times, it’s because they have altered their own history and don’t take responsibility for the past. Yeah, the government has apologised and said sorry but it means nothing when you teach your citizens something else. I had a teacher tell me once that if it weren’t for the bombs, New Zealand would have become part of imperial Japan with Australia etc. My Taiwanese friend’s grandmother knew of a neighbour who was a kid at the time when a bunch of Japanese soldiers had their way with her. That neighbour went insane afterwards. War isn’t pretty, it is horrible and brings out the worst in people. Maybe you can convince your own country that it wasn’t like that and that people are making stuff up, but other countries will never forget and it does the country no good. You can't move forward and expect forgiveness without atonement. I wish Japan was more like Germany in this regard. 

I have never met Mr Matsumoto but I love him for speaking out ‘"Someone told me this, 'One who fails to look back and perceive the past will repeat their wrongdoing'. But Mr Abe thinks we should erase anything bad Japan had done in the past and pretend nothing happened. That is why I cannot forgive him," he adds.’

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