Wednesday, 1 July 2015

The Little Prince Museum in Hakone

They've updated their website in the past week. Seriously, last week the English site was rubbish, but now it's awesome and detailed link

They're having a rose event at the museum at the moment so I really wanted to go. Plus 'The Little Prince' is one of my favourite books. I re-read it a couple of months ago so that the story is fresh in my mind.

I took a romance car (- it's the name of a train line - I was worried that with the ticket machines, you had to go and find the time and place etc but they have the next train ready to pay for at the start. So it's really easy). It's much faster and more comfortable than taking an ordinary train. The extra money was totally worth it. I got off at Hakone-Yumoto and crossed the road to catch the Tozan bus (lane 3). The buses come every 15 minutes. It took half an hour by bus to get to Kawamukai - which is where 'The Little Prince Museum' is. On the way to Hakone-Yumoto, the romance car I was on halted for a solid fifteen minutes. Then on the bus ride, I saw a helicopter circling a smoky mountain. I checked the news and found out that Mt Hakone had had a mini eruption in the morning. So it was probably a volcano I was looking at xD ... then I found out some 71 year old committed suicide by lighting himself on fire with some kind of petrol on a bullet train from Tokyo to Osaka... at the station that was a stop before the romance car I was on stalled (Odawara Station? I might be wrong there). I heard another passenger died from smoke inhalation and several others were injured (most likely suffered from smoke inhalation too). So yeah. Anyhow, you can't miss the museum. You get off, and walk the opposite way you were going and voila.

They give you this paper to collect stamps from around the museum xD

I could hear some booming noises =/ most likely the volcano? Having an active volcano is fitting. Volcanoes are mentioned in 'The Little Prince'. Heck, he has to sweep his volcano regularly just in case.

The king with no subjects.

This would look good in winter. They have lights for night time.

I went in through the exit so half of the time I didn't know it was a rule to not take photos inside the museum. It's a lot stricter in Japan than it is in South Korea (where they really don't give a rat's arse if you take photos in Le Petit France... or other exhibitions, like the Yayoi Kusama exhibit they had a year ago)

the king, the conceited man, the lamplighter and the geographer.

I had a set meal at the restaurant. So I had salad and a slice of vegetable tart as an appetiser. It was pretty good! The picture is of the main meal. The waitress was really confused when I asked her to hold the steak. She asked if I was allergic to meat etc and I just said I was a vegetarian (it's unusual in Japan). I then overheard her talking to the chef, he was pretty confused and checked with her whether I was allergic to anything. I don't think he's ever been told to hold the meat because he was wondering what to do for a little bit xD I haven't had roasted vegetables in a long time, so this was delightful. And the star shaped carrots were cute! I was pretty full by the time dessert and a cafe au lait came along. The picture is somewhere in this post xD

Roses! They smelled good, too.

The geographer

The poor lamplighter

The tour guide was kind enough to take this photo of me xD 

I dyed my hair red, but it's not as red as I wanted. Still! Better than orange. I wore star themed things for the day.

This would look nice lit up

Here's the dessert. It was a special rose flavoured dish. The cup contains rose jelly with some kind of mousse or cream. It was tasty. The rose event thing finishes on the 7th of July (2015)

I should mention the restaurant receptionist tried to speak English to me and was really kind. 
This place is a cute area and if you love 'The Little Prince' it's definitely worth checking out. 

I watched 'Mad Max: Fury Road' with some friends tonight. I enjoyed it and found it entertaining. 

A student of mine made this necklace and gave it to me xD *touched* it's cute, too!

Speaking of students, in one of my kids' classes, I have a student that loves Harry Potter, too. So we geek out over Harry Potter. I usually get my child students to play games (the latest one:)

 While she waits for her turn, she doodles Harry Potter characters. On my schedule, she drew Ron xD

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