Thursday, 30 July 2015

Peter Rabbit Garden Cafe in Machida

Yesterday on facebook, a friend uploaded pictures of a Peter Rabbit cafe. I was surprised and went to this website to find out more information. I'm a huge fan of Beatrix Potter and grew up with Peter Rabbit. Then I found out one of the cafes (there are two) is in Machida. So I've lived in Machida for over a year and I've only just found out about this Peter Rabbit cafe! D : So that's how I spent today.  It's in the Modi building (next to Odakyu station) on the 9th floor. I've been to Sweets Paradise, which is on the 9th floor. But my friend didn't tell me about the Peter Rabbit cafe nor did I see it when I actually went. I would have flipped out. Kind of can't believe my friend didn't tell me! I think she didn't know I liked Peter Rabbit. 

It was really filling but rather tasty and the cafe was super cute.


I went back again xD

Edit Edit: I know it's a bit ridiculous to go three times in a week but.....

This time I went with a friend, which justifies going, right?

There was dry ice in a little container xD

French toast

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