Thursday, 9 July 2015

Got a new phone

I finally got a phone, after one year of being in Japan.

I had problems. Run down: I wanted to put a simcard in my samsung s3, but after two hours at a company, I found out that Japanese simcards aren't compatible. My phone is Korean, and a New Zealand simcard worked fine, it's just Japan. After that I tried to get pocket wifi. But companies wouldn't let me get a contract because my visa was for less than a year. My s3 has been dropped many times that I think it's just better I got an upgrade... plus I want 64gb of space because my s3 always ran out of space (I use my phone as an mp3, camera and kindle reader). Anyway, now my visa is for a full year, and I went to like, five different places. But they all said the same thing, they only do two year contracts and my visa was for only one year. I spent hours running around trying to sort it out. I decided to pay for the galaxy s6 edge (I wanted a normal galaxy s6 but galaxies aren't popular in Japan and they didn't really have it for sale.. and the one they did was only like 32 gb) upfront and then get a contract that way. There's no penalty fee if I leave Japan, but my phone will be locked for 6 months and after that I can get it unlocked and use it in New Zealand -__- ... but then companies said Shinsei (my bank) is a new bank, even though it opened in 1952. So they wouldn't let me sign up, even if I bought the phone because they couldn't trust Shinsei =/ what the fuck?? We went to Shinsei and then got a company (I chose AU because my friends have had the least problems with them. Maybe they tightened up the rules. I've tried Softbank, Docomo and YA mobile) to call Shinsei and do a check etc. Then my card wouldn't go through to pay for the phone, so I had to go to a 7 Eleven to get the money out in cash and argh.

There's a few things that are like, why? I can only choose US English, Korean and Japanese for the language setting and that's it. I think this is a Japan feature, maybe? It's annoying I can't change the English. But! It doesn't correct my spelling so I can deal with it xD But what if I wanted to learn German, though..?  :P

Anyway, Mayumi and I went to a nice cafe in Machida afterwards.

*sighs* thank you so much Mayumi!!! What would I do without you? She helped translate everything. 

Money's going to be tight because another student loan payment is due in September but... > . < I spent almost a grand on a phone. Goodbye social life? 

Yesterday was Tanabata. I did a post on the festival a year ago. I didn't go this year, the memories are still fresh in my head. It's been raining an awful lot lately, it even rained on Tanabata - the 7th of July. It's the one day that these celestial lovers can reunite. But! If it rains, that means they didn't get to. So D : oh dear. 

I got a headache from running around sorting out my phone xD but did go to see the Avengers, Age of Ultron. It was pretty good! I enjoyed it.  Even though Quicksilver looks more like Quicksilver, I still prefer the Xmen Quicksilver. But Quicksilver in this was still good. Scaret Witch was better than I was expecting her to be, too.

A bonus of my new phone - aside from having more space, feeling lighter, having actual data and being a contactable phone, being faster - is that I can read the books I couldn't read on my other phone on this phone (I collected a lot of physical books in New Zealand but gave them away last year because I can't afford to ship them to whatever country I go to. So I've copied book files off people. Yeah... those books)  

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