Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Cup Noodles Museum

Last week, I wanted to go to 'The Little Prince Museum' in Hakone, but there was a 'passenger injury' and the lines had stopped. So I hopped onto the JR Line instead and went to the 'Cup Noodles Museum'... finally! I exited out Sakuragicho and it's opposite Cosmo World in Yokohama. It was pretty nice.  

The entrance fee is 500 yen and you can make your own cup noodles for an extra 300 yen.

Not vegan friendly. These Narutos were super cute but it's cured fish surimi and I don't eat them.

I had to choose a chilli tomato soup base (the other three flavours were chicken, beef and seafood). You can choose four toppings so I chose egg, cheese, green bean and spring onion.

It's pretty motivational.

There was a model of a forest and the light would pan out to create the shadows on the wall. Near the end, there was this message ' 'Rather than a lone cedar, it is better to nurture a whole forest. No one has a monopoly on ideas. Everybody nurtures ideas.'

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