Wednesday, 24 June 2015

This is the lightest my hair's ever been xD so I took a selfie pre-dyeing. I'm dyeing it red at the moment and really hoping it doesn't turn orange like last time xD

I saw this and just HAD to get it > . <

This too. I'm STILL not sure whether (this is ages away, like 2017) I should study to be a teacher and then go to the UK or whether to just wing it on a youth mobility visa.

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Mt Oyama

Climbed Mt Oyama with Robert yesterday. It was a lovely day for it. We saw many creatures such as a lizard, a yellow bird, and a butterfly that couldn't stop eating a wooden table =/ ... there were two trails: a 'men's trail' and a 'women's trail'. Sexist just isn't a word here xD I think the 'men's trail' should be renamed 'the stairway to stairs galore trail' or at least 'challenge trail' and the 'women's trail' should be renamed 'the seven statues trail'. Robert and I took the 'men's trail' to the top of Mt Oyama and I had to keep taking breaks because there were just millions of stairs! We took the 'women's trail' back, which was a lot nicer. Anyway, it was an amazing day 

Spot the lizard. It kept darting left and right so it was hard to take a decent photo of it.

Feeeeed me! Feeeed me!

Spot the yellow bird. I had to zoom in to get a photo.

The wooden table eating butterfly.

At the top.

Mt Fuji. More impressive in person as opposed to a photo. Mt Fuji is huge and pictures don't capture the grandeur.  

This tree is super old. And couples that visit this tree have their relationships blessed.

The lamps are lit with candles at night time.

I r Mr Owliver 

He buckled up for this picture.

'The Women's trail' (seven statues trail) on the left and 'The Men's trail' (The stairway to stairs galore trail) on the right.

Mt Fuji again.