Sunday, 3 May 2015

Yokohama Chinatown

It was a lovely day with a temperature of 28 degrees. I hung out with a couple of friends from the UK. We ate too much, spent too much and did some sightseeing around Yokohama. We ate Cold Stone Creamery ice cream (where the staff sing on request), at delicious pizza and salad and explored Chinatown.

One of them told me about Brighton in England and now I'm thinking that should be where I should try to end up after Japan xD she completely sold it for me. There's a place called New Brighton in Christchurch (where I'm from) in New Zealand that... also... has a Pier. In the centre of Christchurch, the streets are called Oxford, Manchester and Worcester. There are more examples of course xD omg... Joseph Thomas (who planned Christchurch) must have been homesick xD

Spontaneous buy. 

Bought this a few days ago. I studied Takashi Murakami while doing Art in high school. Also it's cherry flavour so it has my name in Japanese xD  

I see you, full moon.. mwah.

Panda club xD

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