Thursday, 2 April 2015


It turns out the peak time to go to Matsuda is in February. I compared photos with a student and I agree with her. Her photos are stunning! Okay, next year I'll make sure to go earlier xD

My friends from NZ moved to Japan. They visited Tokyo for a day so Youko and I took them to Harajuku, Shibuya, Nakameguro and then to Shinjuku to drink at an Izakaya. They got tripped out by how much 2 small meals and unlimited drinks for two hours cost... 2500yen each, pretty much just over $25. They're used to spending $100 for the same gig, maybe more.

Cookie Time in Harajuku! I need to go to the Cookie Time Factory when I roadtrip around NZ. I've never been xD 

Shibuya. Hachiko in spring. As you can see, it was crazy busy!


Mel and this super cute dog!

I'm in love with the moon.

 From the Izakaya:

Always anywhere together?
 Always somewhere together! ?? It's cute anyway.

I've been getting homesick lately. Like Korea, the working conditions in Japan suck and make the major cases of upset in New Zealand seem trivial. My friends that complain at home, have no idea how many more rights they're entitled to. The company I work for is pretty good by Japanese and Korean standards. But still, you don't get sick days and it's frowned upon to take a day off (you take time off when your company is closed for holidays, which is like one or two weeks a year), even if you're entitled to it. Different country, different culture. But the working conditions, that's one of the many reasons I can't settle in an Asian country. And I'm making next year my final year in Asia. There's still so much that I want to do in Japan! But sometimes I can't wait to leave.

Easter's coming up and like Korea, Japan doesn't do Easter. I miss hot cross buns xD this is my third year without them! And of course, Cadbury Easter eggs. Especially creme eggs (seeing as the hollow Cadbury eggs are now imported from Australia and so taste like shit in comparison to how they tasted before. Creme eggs get imported from the UK so they're still good... well, they did last year). 

Anyway, with how I've been feeling lately, spending the day with Mel and Dylan worked wonders. I'm less homesick and feel invigorated again to making the most of Japan. Nakameguro was so beautiful! I really should start learning Japanese. I want to leave fluent.

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