Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Into Dreamland

Sometimes I find my dreams interesting enough that they inspire me to write. I thought my dream was interesting last night so I’ll crudely record it. I doubt I'll turn it into a story but I still want to remember it. 

In the distant future (but I’m somehow still the same age), there’s this camp site and I stumble across one or the camp members find me in the forest. Either way, I’m new to this camp site and I’ve got something going on with this guy who is showing me the ropes. He’s really kind. He gives me 6 stickers, one sticker equals a meal (If I ever feel the need to adapt it into a story I’ll change it to coins. The stickers were from the academy I taught in South Korea.. so too childish to use as currency xD ) everyone at the camp works to get stickers and the more stickers you have the better your life yada yada. Some people live in lavish tree houses as a result of having loads of stickers. There’s a guy who is an outright prick to me because I’m new and he smirks at me and pretty much openly hates me. But the nice guy tells me to ignore him. We collect our meals. There’s this lady behind a stall in the cafeteria (which are just tents lined up), she looks Korean. So she waits for my order and I try out my Korean and when she looks angry, I think I was mistaken and realise she might be Japanese. I switch to Japanese (I’m better at Japanese than Korean) but she looks really pissed off. So I order curry but accidentally say fruit salad and she gives me fruit salad and when I try to correct myself, she gives me both curry and fruit salad. I also order cake for some reason, that’s 3 of my 6 stickers and I start to panic. I tell her in English (maybe she hates that I didn’t speak English to her or maybe she can only understand English) that I just want curry and the guy is trying to help me out. She put the curry and fruit salad together and mixes it. I think she is angry at me, then I realise she puts the whole thing in the big pot of curry, mixes it and then scoops out some curry – one serving for me. I then realise that she can’t waste food and she’s not actually mad at me. She smiles and we move on. Later there’s a big notification about sticking to the menu. The cook does cooking classes and had tried out some new recipes like different cakes etc and got in trouble for changing the menu. Anyway, we got up to the guy’s Swedish friend’s tree house and hang out with him. The Swedish friend is all put together and super nice. We go through my options. He recommends becoming a mechanic. I say I know nothing about car parts. He said they offer a complete beginner class. In real life, I tried to fix my fiat with the manual but could not understand it at all and my ex had to take over. I would love to be able to fix cars. So in the dream I mention this, that I am completely rubbish with mechanics but that I think it’s an awesome skill to gain because if I somehow get a car, I’ll be set. They need mechanics in the camp. Dream skips so that I’m on this pod. I’ve somehow set it off but I’m on top of it and it hovers about the trees. It’s really scary. But somehow it lands gently on the ground, and the nice guy uses a vine to get to the top. I can’t remember what the words he used were, but he was basically chilled out about it and it made me relax too and I went down with him to the crowd of people watching. Then another guy that doesn’t like me shouts out to everyone how I’ve left my saviour hanging. Confused, I see the first arsehole guy near the top waiting for me to reach him so he can take me inside, down some stairs and out the entrance. He was the one that had saved me, not the charmer. He isn’t that much of an arsehole after all. But before I can say thank you, he storms off angrily. And I feel bad for not noticing he was there.

Later I’m in a forest walking alone and I see a clearing through trees and walk there. Then see that I’m on top of a ravine. Another person from camp gives me a fright by letting me know he’s there. He urges me to go into hiding with him and we climb a tree. Moments later, Ygritte from Game of Thrones comes into the clearing wearing the same clothes that she wore beyond the wall, even though it’s like 15 degrees so her outfit would be too hot. She lines up all these arrows. Then the guy tells me that she’s also like me, an outsider. She’s setting up traps for someone called Jon Snow because she thinks he wronged her and wants revenge. There’s also this huge statue of a head Ygritte has managed to put in place. She just needs to pull a string and it will fall down into the ravine and kill anyone below it. The guy whispers to me that the camp has no problem with her setting all these traps because they could be used for enemies. Then I wake up xD  

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