Thursday, 30 April 2015

Things you find when you go for a walk


I couldn't resist buying these bath petals. I hadn't had a bath in over a decade so.... 

I went all out xD

I got my bracelet : D isn't the packaging cute?


Christchurch Timelapse (Video by Lukas Kaupenjohann) pre earthquake

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Kurt Cobain Documentary - The Story of NIRVANA

I've never seen Nirvana as a band that was 'releasing their rage' O_o they look to me like they were doing what they wanted and having fun with it. And yeah, categorising art is just wrong. Dave Grohl is super talented. It's better to just make whatever you want and play whatever you want and people can get over it xD
And I agree with the doctor person. People can't simply snap out of a mental illness. You can't snap out of a physical disease and you can't snap out of a mental disease. I think it's better to experiment with medication, coping mechanisms and counsellors than to live in misery or die from it. I don't really believe in the conspiracy theory. I agree with what Krist and Dave have to say about Kurt's death. Shit like this happens a lot. It's just Kurt was in the spotlight.

And oh my god David Bowie is too cute.

And completely unrelated, I opened my chocolate frog. Not Rowena Ravenclaw, but that's okay. It's one more to my collection (I also have Dumbledore).

Wohoo! It wasn't melted!

Alice in Fantasy Book

Look how cute the Japanese snacks are xD
I haven't had pods in so long... and I just love Maltesers (I got a friend to send me those two)

I went to see 'Into the Woods' with Mayumi. It's not bad, not excellent but not bad. After that, Midori met us to go to 'Alice in Fantasy Book' - an Alice themed restaurant. Omg I love this place! It's so cool! Mayumi booked it (it's very popular in Japan) and because it was my birthday yesterday, they made it into a birthday celebration. 

The waitresses sang happy birthday to me xD oh nyo!

This was at a game arcade but still... the cutest prize there in my opinion.

Tortilla with Avacado Dip. It says to find Alice in the menu xD ... Alice resembles Belle from 'Beauty and the Beast' to me though.
I drank a red or white rose cocktail. It was pretty good. 

The menu

Purikura afterwards. I love Midori in this xD crack up.

Here's the labu labu (love)

Trying Mayumi's cocktail. (I keep doing this pose because it's the only angle i find decent of myself)

I love this place!

Mayumi and Midori's dessert. So pretty!

I had four types of cheeses and rose honeyed pizza. It was pretty good!


The bathrooms

Bloody expensive and tiny (in real life it is). But .... still somehow worth it xD Alice Cider. Conveniently you buy a bag of 3 bottles, so I gave a bottle to Mayumi and Midori respectively. 

Check out my top! It's new xD I can't really feel anything for the music that's out lately. So I've been digging into bands like 'The Rolling Stones' 'The Pogues' 'Pink Floyd' 'Nirvana' 'Simon and Garfunkel' 'Iggy Pop' 'Avenged Sevenfold' and 'The Doors' etc. I'm loving the music I have now. I've recently updated my play list and feel really good about it. There's this cafe, it's New York themed and plays Kayne West and Chris Brown etc. I like the coffee and the chips there, but the music is too annoying xD so I might not go there....   I thought I liked almost anything musical but I was wrong xD