Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Hina festival day today ... Harry Potter, more sakura flavours and 44 Apartment.

Last week, Mayumi and I visited 44 Apartment, a cafe in Machida. Yes, I do have 2 drinks. I'm trying a flat white - which is supposedly a New Zealand drink but... Australia made it first...... anyway, I knew I wouldn't really be a fan so I had the iced mocha for backup xD 

44 Apartment has a New York theme.

French toast.

Mayumi's birthday was last night, so I got her these cakes. They're for Hina day xD today is known as 'girl day' or 'doll day'. A lot of my students have put up little ornamental dolls for today. They'll be taking them down tomorrow because superstition has it, if you take it down after the 4th, your daughter will marry late.

We had Japanese home stays when I was growing up and one of them gave my mother hina dolls. She still has it displayed. I wonder if that's why my love life is non existent :P I also don't believe in marriage xD though I find it cute that people want to get married and make that commitment. It's just I think you shouldn't be in a relationship with someone you can't see yourself spending the rest of your life with in the first place, but that's just me I guess.  

 So yeah, this is on google Japan at the moment. Cute! Another student used to have hina dolls but she gave them to her daughter when she turned 21 or something.

I'm still re-reading Harry Potter. I'm on the last book. I can appreciate pottermore even more now. I love this top even more!

Omg! The page!

: D : D :D 

You know how America had to translate Harry Potter into American English (it's ridiculous in my opinion)

How did they translate this part? Did he say 'sorcerological?' instead of 'philological'??? So stupid. I actually hate seeing 'Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's stone'. If they had to translate Harry Potter, did they translate Shakespeare too? Do Americans read Shakespeare in modern American English? Because if they couldn't understand British English, how can they understand British English from the 1600s??

I have no problem reading books in U.S English that are written by U.S authors, but I do have a problem reading books written by non U.S authors that have been translated into U.S English. Markus Zusak is from Australia, he writes in Aussie English (I follow him on instagram etc and he puts 'u's into things) but the version 'The Book Thief' I read was in U.S English. *sighs*

Sakura flavours!!! Ye-uh!

Reading Harry Potter makes me want to eat jelly beans xD nice flavour too. And I know I'm a supposed vegetarian and lollies have gelatine and gelatine is disgusting -___- *grumbles: wish they would use alternatives*
- friend just informed me that Jelly Belly doesn't use gelatine : D

Nevertheless, this is delicious!

I got a Howl's Moving Castle decal off Etsy : D looks nice on my laptop I reckon.

Finally got around to doing this to the sugar jar. 

Sakura cake from Starbucks.

This photo is from ages ago and I might have already blogged about it. But! I love my cookie monster onesie. 
Happy Hina day!

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