Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Umegaoka and Edo Air Museum

Sakura flavours at Starbucks in Japan. It's so pretty! I think I prefer my dark chocolate chip mocha frappuccinos though (taste wise). 

I'm not 100%. I'm a bit clogged up. On Sunday, my nose started running while I was teaching and I think I went through three packets of tissues D : then I slept for 12 hours when I got home. Like Korea, you can't really just have sick days. So I bought masks and went to work wearing one of them. Face masks are pretty common in Japan especially now. I told my manager that we call in sick in New Zealand so that we don't spread anything. And yeah, she said you can't do that in Japan. She suggested I take off my mask while teaching children =/ the whole point of me wearing a mask to work was so that I wouldn't spread it! D : they just don't get that concept here. Anyway, I wore it while working and today too (my day off).

A student told me to go to Umegaoka because the apricots are in bloom. There's also a little festival in Hanagi park. So my co worker and I went to Umegaoka 梅ヶ丘 today. When you exit, just turn right and go straight down and you should see Hanagi park 花木園. I think we were too early AND I chose a terrible day for it xD it was raining on and off today. The blossoms were not at their peak. Maybe in a couple of weeks?

yeaaaaaaaahhhh...... *tumbleweed rolls past*

After that, we made our way to Edo-Tokyo Open Air Museum in Koganei. My friend and I just got out of Hana-Koganei 花小金井  and walked about 20-30 minutes to the Open Air Museum. I had no idea what an Open Air Museum was until I found out about the Studio Ghibli exhibition.
We couldn't take photos, but if you love Studio Ghibli, I recommend checking it out. It's only 400yen to get in and you can see architectural designs as well as a big-ish model of 'Spirited Away''s bathhouse.

I'm disappointed by the lack of 'Howl's Moving Castle' merchandise.

After that, I tried a mocha from the Lindt cafe in Shibuya. It's lovely. Expensive. But still ^_^

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