Thursday, 5 February 2015

Studio Ghibli Museum in Mitaka, Tokyo

I haven't had internet for almost a week. Man the world changes without it xD something's wrong with the router but the cable is working now so I'm using that. I wish I was better with technology xD

So Mayumi and I have also been planning to do Studio Ghibli for ages, but hadn't got around to it because the tickets sell out really fast. We got the tickets (1000yen) each 3 weeks before the day we had planned (taken a day off work and all). But we still nearly missed out, we ended up getting 4pm tickets, not earlier.

Anyway, we set out and went on the Studio Ghibli bus (350yen roughly for a round trip, could have just walked around 15-20 minutes but oh well) and we got to the museum. It's 3 storeys high and quite cute. You can see stain glass windows. I don't know, don't expect a lot when you go. But if you love Studio Ghibli, you'll enjoy it nonetheless. I watched Laputa the day before, so that I could appreciate the experience more. I swear I've watched the start, but I can't remember the rest of it. Anyway, it's a good movie!

The museum is cute, ghibli themed xD there are lots of artwork from the films. Unfortunately you can't take pictures inside the museum, though that didn't stop some people from taking sneaky shots xD

There's a big Catbus for children to crawl over and climb. There was also a Ghibli Nutcracker exhibit in a room. That was pretty cool xD ... I was gutted there wasn't a lot on 'Howl's Moving Castle' or 'Spirited Away', those two are my favourite Ghibli films.

The place was pretty cosy and Mayumi and I visited the cafe afterwards (we ran out of time, only having 2 hours to look around). We didn't even view the movie that was screening. But... we like our tickets and it would have sucked to hand them in anyway xD 

The tickets

Inside the bus

After this, Mayumi and I met up with some friends in Shibuya. We had planned to go to the Pokemon cafe, but there was a 5 hour wait X_X jesus christ xD so we hung around and ate Okonomiyaki instead.

We had a few drinks at a Hub sports bar. I like football and want to watch more of it but I don't have access to it. I've seen some games here and there especially during the Fifa world cup. I was in NZ last year so I managed to see a few games... most of Germany's (my favourite). I want to watch some of the premier league and I couldn't say what team I support because I hadn't watched enough of it. But then I saw Ozil playing for Arsenal, and Arsenal nailed Aston Villa so... and they wear my favourite colour xD and I actually remember reading about Thierry Henry when I was 14 (not that he plays for them now, but he did) ... so I'll support Arsenal from now on xD .... notsurewhatIwilldoifManchesterUnitedendupbuyingThomasMuller...

Anyway, I've finished watching Dollhouse and... it shouldn't have been cancelled!! It was so good! Created by Joss Whedon, strong story lines and characters, good actors: Eliza Dushku, Enver Gjokaj (man he's talented!), Fran Kranz, Amy Acker, Alan Tudyk, Summer Glau, Alexis Denisof... and more. If you love Joss Whedon, you'll most likely love Dollhouse. I've met Firefly, Angel and Buffy fans that aren't fans of Dollhouse =/ I don't understand that. Anyway, miss it already. 

Also re-reading Harry Potter. I'm up to the 5th book. I forgot how incredibly enjoyable the series is. I love J.K Rowling so much! And man I forgot how ... er... um... unkind... Harry is in the Order of the Phoenix. Oh dear. But man, it's got to be my favourite book series.  


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