Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Mocha Cat Cafe

I had a couple of hours to kill before meeting some friends in Ikebukuro. It was my first time there too! Anyway, I decided to check out the cat cafe called Mocha near the west exit. It's new, I think. And I had been missing kitties.

One day, I want to make a tree similar to this for my future cats xD

=/ weird breeding. Some cats had short legs - they were 'munchkin' cats. I had never seen one before then. They seem to still be able to jump etc.

I played with a ginger kitten for a while.

I had got there before closing time, and managed to catch them during feeding time.

The black and white fluff ball kept trying to nick his fellow cats' food. He picked on the kittens xD the poor things. The handler was nearby and we kept laughing every time he sneaked into another cat/kitten's bowl. The handler followed him around and kept putting his own bowl in front of him.

He eventually moved there ^

Nice atmosphere overall and the cats are well looked after. 

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