Sunday, 15 February 2015

Copied directly from facebook:

My students to me 'In Japan, we have this day called Ba-len-tines. Where women give chocolate to men on the ...' I prompt '..14th?' they look surprised, 'yes! The 14th! It's a Japanese holiday.' the class of four nod in agreement. 'Uhhhhmmmm....' I say, 'Yeah, we have that day too. Valentine's day. But it's not strictly women giving to men. It can be men giving to women or women giving to women etc.'
'Oh, we have a day for men to give chocolate to women, called "White Day". That was from Korea. Valentine's day began being commercialised thirty years ago. I think it started 30 years ago.' <- 7="" a="" br="" if="" instructor.="" level="" nova="" one="" re="" student="" that="" was="" you=""> 'Oh yeah. Well, Valentine's day is older than 30 years. It started in Europe and probably in the middle ages. But yes, it's been highly commercialised'.
My co worker and I received chocolates and doughnuts today. My students decided with conviction to buy their husbands chocolate after all. One student baked her father a cake for today. And I learned that it's customary to give your boss something if he's a bloke =/ it's kind of expected, oh dear. Today, in my kid classes, in each student's book, I stamped two Totoros, and drew a love heart starting from between them with 'Happy Valentine's Day' written inside and drew little heart balloons for the totoros to hold. Most lit up and went 'あれー!かわいいいい A-leh! Kawaiiiii!' a few pretended to gag at the hearts and cheesiness xD hehehe crack up.

Happy Valentine's Day :3 

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