Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Jack and the Cuckoo-Clock Heart (2013) - Trailer English

Mocha Cat Cafe

I had a couple of hours to kill before meeting some friends in Ikebukuro. It was my first time there too! Anyway, I decided to check out the cat cafe called Mocha near the west exit. It's new, I think. And I had been missing kitties.

One day, I want to make a tree similar to this for my future cats xD

=/ weird breeding. Some cats had short legs - they were 'munchkin' cats. I had never seen one before then. They seem to still be able to jump etc.

I played with a ginger kitten for a while.

I had got there before closing time, and managed to catch them during feeding time.

The black and white fluff ball kept trying to nick his fellow cats' food. He picked on the kittens xD the poor things. The handler was nearby and we kept laughing every time he sneaked into another cat/kitten's bowl. The handler followed him around and kept putting his own bowl in front of him.

He eventually moved there ^

Nice atmosphere overall and the cats are well looked after. 

Saturday, 21 February 2015

Plastic Fantastic in Japan

They love their packaging in Japan. I feel like if I don’t promptly say ‘袋いらないです’ (I don’t need a bag) after a purchase, this could happen… -> Video (play from 0.35)
One time, I actually said I didn’t need a bag, but the sales assistant looked confused but took one out anyway. I repeated and I swear he stared at me, like ‘What? How can you not want a bag.’ And he looked down at his rejected plastic bag seemingly unsure of what to do with it. But yeah, I've seen someone buy something small and they wrap the shit out of it. It's like they want the product to look nice, but also want to protect it in preparation of some flood or something.

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Umegaoka and Edo Air Museum

Sakura flavours at Starbucks in Japan. It's so pretty! I think I prefer my dark chocolate chip mocha frappuccinos though (taste wise). 

I'm not 100%. I'm a bit clogged up. On Sunday, my nose started running while I was teaching and I think I went through three packets of tissues D : then I slept for 12 hours when I got home. Like Korea, you can't really just have sick days. So I bought masks and went to work wearing one of them. Face masks are pretty common in Japan especially now. I told my manager that we call in sick in New Zealand so that we don't spread anything. And yeah, she said you can't do that in Japan. She suggested I take off my mask while teaching children =/ the whole point of me wearing a mask to work was so that I wouldn't spread it! D : they just don't get that concept here. Anyway, I wore it while working and today too (my day off).

A student told me to go to Umegaoka because the apricots are in bloom. There's also a little festival in Hanagi park. So my co worker and I went to Umegaoka 梅ヶ丘 today. When you exit, just turn right and go straight down and you should see Hanagi park 花木園. I think we were too early AND I chose a terrible day for it xD it was raining on and off today. The blossoms were not at their peak. Maybe in a couple of weeks?

yeaaaaaaaahhhh...... *tumbleweed rolls past*

After that, we made our way to Edo-Tokyo Open Air Museum in Koganei. My friend and I just got out of Hana-Koganei 花小金井  and walked about 20-30 minutes to the Open Air Museum. I had no idea what an Open Air Museum was until I found out about the Studio Ghibli exhibition.
We couldn't take photos, but if you love Studio Ghibli, I recommend checking it out. It's only 400yen to get in and you can see architectural designs as well as a big-ish model of 'Spirited Away''s bathhouse.

I'm disappointed by the lack of 'Howl's Moving Castle' merchandise.

After that, I tried a mocha from the Lindt cafe in Shibuya. It's lovely. Expensive. But still ^_^

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Copied directly from facebook:

My students to me 'In Japan, we have this day called Ba-len-tines. Where women give chocolate to men on the ...' I prompt '..14th?' they look surprised, 'yes! The 14th! It's a Japanese holiday.' the class of four nod in agreement. 'Uhhhhmmmm....' I say, 'Yeah, we have that day too. Valentine's day. But it's not strictly women giving to men. It can be men giving to women or women giving to women etc.'
'Oh, we have a day for men to give chocolate to women, called "White Day". That was from Korea. Valentine's day began being commercialised thirty years ago. I think it started 30 years ago.' <- 7="" a="" br="" if="" instructor.="" level="" nova="" one="" re="" student="" that="" was="" you=""> 'Oh yeah. Well, Valentine's day is older than 30 years. It started in Europe and probably in the middle ages. But yes, it's been highly commercialised'.
My co worker and I received chocolates and doughnuts today. My students decided with conviction to buy their husbands chocolate after all. One student baked her father a cake for today. And I learned that it's customary to give your boss something if he's a bloke =/ it's kind of expected, oh dear. Today, in my kid classes, in each student's book, I stamped two Totoros, and drew a love heart starting from between them with 'Happy Valentine's Day' written inside and drew little heart balloons for the totoros to hold. Most lit up and went 'あれー!かわいいいい A-leh! Kawaiiiii!' a few pretended to gag at the hearts and cheesiness xD hehehe crack up.

Happy Valentine's Day :3 

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Studio Ghibli Museum in Mitaka, Tokyo

I haven't had internet for almost a week. Man the world changes without it xD something's wrong with the router but the cable is working now so I'm using that. I wish I was better with technology xD

So Mayumi and I have also been planning to do Studio Ghibli for ages, but hadn't got around to it because the tickets sell out really fast. We got the tickets (1000yen) each 3 weeks before the day we had planned (taken a day off work and all). But we still nearly missed out, we ended up getting 4pm tickets, not earlier.

Anyway, we set out and went on the Studio Ghibli bus (350yen roughly for a round trip, could have just walked around 15-20 minutes but oh well) and we got to the museum. It's 3 storeys high and quite cute. You can see stain glass windows. I don't know, don't expect a lot when you go. But if you love Studio Ghibli, you'll enjoy it nonetheless. I watched Laputa the day before, so that I could appreciate the experience more. I swear I've watched the start, but I can't remember the rest of it. Anyway, it's a good movie!

The museum is cute, ghibli themed xD there are lots of artwork from the films. Unfortunately you can't take pictures inside the museum, though that didn't stop some people from taking sneaky shots xD

There's a big Catbus for children to crawl over and climb. There was also a Ghibli Nutcracker exhibit in a room. That was pretty cool xD ... I was gutted there wasn't a lot on 'Howl's Moving Castle' or 'Spirited Away', those two are my favourite Ghibli films.

The place was pretty cosy and Mayumi and I visited the cafe afterwards (we ran out of time, only having 2 hours to look around). We didn't even view the movie that was screening. But... we like our tickets and it would have sucked to hand them in anyway xD 

The tickets

Inside the bus

After this, Mayumi and I met up with some friends in Shibuya. We had planned to go to the Pokemon cafe, but there was a 5 hour wait X_X jesus christ xD so we hung around and ate Okonomiyaki instead.

We had a few drinks at a Hub sports bar. I like football and want to watch more of it but I don't have access to it. I've seen some games here and there especially during the Fifa world cup. I was in NZ last year so I managed to see a few games... most of Germany's (my favourite). I want to watch some of the premier league and I couldn't say what team I support because I hadn't watched enough of it. But then I saw Ozil playing for Arsenal, and Arsenal nailed Aston Villa so... and they wear my favourite colour xD and I actually remember reading about Thierry Henry when I was 14 (not that he plays for them now, but he did) ... so I'll support Arsenal from now on xD .... notsurewhatIwilldoifManchesterUnitedendupbuyingThomasMuller...

Anyway, I've finished watching Dollhouse and... it shouldn't have been cancelled!! It was so good! Created by Joss Whedon, strong story lines and characters, good actors: Eliza Dushku, Enver Gjokaj (man he's talented!), Fran Kranz, Amy Acker, Alan Tudyk, Summer Glau, Alexis Denisof... and more. If you love Joss Whedon, you'll most likely love Dollhouse. I've met Firefly, Angel and Buffy fans that aren't fans of Dollhouse =/ I don't understand that. Anyway, miss it already. 

Also re-reading Harry Potter. I'm up to the 5th book. I forgot how incredibly enjoyable the series is. I love J.K Rowling so much! And man I forgot how ... er... um... unkind... Harry is in the Order of the Phoenix. Oh dear. But man, it's got to be my favourite book series.