Thursday, 29 January 2015

Universal Studios Japan in Osaka

Mayumi and I took the night bus from Tokyo to Osaka. I've been waiting since July 2014 (when I found out about the Harry Potter world being opened) to go! Finally and I loved every moment of it.

We checked the line for this ride, it was usually a 210 minute wait X_X so we thought we might not be able to do it D : ... with 45 minutes left before closing, we raced there and found a 10 minute waiting time!! We were completely stoked and super lucky! It ended up being the best ride (well.. in my opinion). You follow Harry around Hogwarts dodging things like the Womping Willow and Dementors. 

My student told me about this ride but she called it 'Hobidon Journey' .. I read the Katakana and couldn't make sense of it ハリー・ポッター・アンド・ザ・フォービドゥン・ジャーニー
Then I read the English xD oh! FORbbiden xD they don't really have that sound in Japanese.

Professor McGonagall would say 'Miss Davies, get that ridiculous thing out of your hair! And what on earth are you wearing?' I'd grudgingly take my Jack Skellington bow out and mutter to Mayumi Jones, 'She has never seen "The Nightmare Before Christmas", nor set eyes on the Marauder's map...'

*gasps* New Zealand's on the map? The one in California doesn't! Well.. might have changed since 15 years ago, though...

I love Back to the Future but this ride was okay...

I'm in Ravenclaw on Pottermore... but in October there were only Gryffindor robes available....


Mayumi's panorama shot. She didn't like it xD 

Butterbeer! I love it! I bought a cold one because.. I just thought I'd prefer it cold and I was right. It's like butterscotch flavoured fizzy with some ice cream to make it foamy and creamy. Soooo good! I bought the souvenir cup : D my friends bought it warm but when I took a sip it was too sweet. You know how things get sweeter warmed up xD wasn't really my cup of tea. I can't understand why Harry and Ron order them warm!

Queuing up around Hagrid's hut for the Hippogriff ride. 

These were ridiculously expensive :'( 1800yen (roughly $18 NZ) for a box (and they are not big boxes either). I was pretty gutted xD ... well, in the future I want to go to the Universal Studios in the UK so....

I bought 2 chocolate frogs (1200yen each)

It cleared up after I had already taken loads of photos. 

Right, so... Sirius Black, Professor Snape, Fleur Delacour, Viktor Krum, Luna Lovegood, Narcissa Malfoy, Cedric Diggory and Bellatrix Lestrange. 

The Hippogriff ride. It was short but sweet (fun!)

Midori took this picture. It's stunning! Wish my phone captured it like this.

She also took this one.

The Monster Book of Monsters, required during the year of 'The Prisoner of Azkaban'

Dragon chasing Potter, just like in the Forbidden Journey.

Oh... Ravenclaw isn't doing too well... *sighs*


This shop (Honeydukes) was insanely packed, it drove me nuts. But the store assistant pointed up *lovely of her* .. I see George and Fred are up to their old tricks again.

I didn't buy anything for anyone else >.> ... was just expensive. I'm going to have a chocolate frog on my birthday and the other, I'll keep until I'm dying from lack of chocolate..... (hoping to keep it forever but... chocolate is hard for me to keep for a long time. It's a huge commitment). I bought a Marauder's Map pen, but the bag is covering it =/ ops! The footprints disappear but you can just rub it and it'll come back : D ... also got a bag for 4500 yen and they gave me extra paper bags : D score! They're so nice! But Mayumi bought a huge ass bag for nearly 1000yen and it has the houses coat of arms. It's much cooler than mine xD ... the pins were 2500yen. One shop assistant pointed out that I was wearing a Ravenclaw pin but a Gryffindor robe xD 

Anyway, this was pretty costly.  

Honeydukes. Okay, it doesn't look bad from here, but trust me...

Only downside was that this owl was not happy to be shown around. It kept nipping its handler whenever its handler got too close. The owl was beautiful though!

Zonko's joke shop, connected to Honeydukes.

At half past, a fake owl flew out and back in again, signalling the time. I don't know what happens at ___:00 because I wasn't around there during this time. 

This ride was awesome! Spiderman, spiderman, does whatever a spider can...

I don't care if the Amazing Spiderman ruins storylines etc, it did Spiderman justice. He's as cute and smart-alecky as I remember from the cartoons.

I want a vintage, manual car that purrs like the impala from Supernatural. Man I miss driving : ( one day...


Hagrid's hut again

Spiderman's hanging around in the background.

AFTER USJ in Osaka

I was completely knackered from lack of sleep and running around...

We ate Japanese junk food xD fried things! Fried eggplant, fried mushrooms, fried potatoes. You dip it into the sauce down below. It was actually pretty nice.


I tried fried ice cream for the first time ever (at Fish & Chip shops in NZ, you can get deep fried Moro or Mars bars. I like them even though they're disgusting haha. I'm sure you can get deep fried chocolate bars in Aus, The U.S, the U.K and Canada etc too) ... anyway, no surprise that I like it, I guess....

I went to one of Mayumi's favourite shops. She loves Kapibarasan. I have no idea where we were by the way. Some place in Osaka...


Mayumi nearly exploded after seeing this, they were too cute for her. She said that the sauce we had been eating was what the Kapibarasans were in. 

This shop was before we left the station near USJ. It was super cute!

Game of Thrones anyone? :P I know it's nothing like - still...


Mad Hatter Mickey!

At Wicked cafe! We met up with Toru. We found Wicked had wifi and Midori and I started uploading pictures etc. Basically, Toru met up with people glued to their cellphones > . < ops. I swear I would have fallen asleep otherwise though.


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