Thursday, 4 December 2014

Yokohama -> Odaiba -> Shinjuku

My friend is visiting Japan for a week but I only had Tuesday off. So we went to Yokohama, Odaiba and Shinjuku. 

I had planned to take him to the Cup Noodle Museum... but... it was closed... again...!!! D : I think he would have really liked it (and me also! I want to customise my own cup noodles!) I still haven't been. Anyway, we went into the Yokohama Landmark Tower. Went to an anime shop, the Studio Ghibli shop (or shop that sells so many Studio Ghibli products it may as well be a SG shop!) the pokemon store and the Moomin Cafe. He tried the apple mango vinegar flavoured bubble tea =/ ... I think the people at the cafe liked him because they gave us candy. I think that's unusual. Maybe they did it because they were so thrilled he bought their apple mango vinegar bubble tea! He liked it, though said it was weird. 

I probably take the same photos of Yokohama. I love Yokohama.

This is in Odaiba, the artificial island. We went for the Gundam (I want to see it and he's actually watched the anime)

Artnia cafe. I don't think there were fairy lights there before. Anyway, my previous post was about this cafe. 

Yokohama again

I saw this at the station =/ made me laugh. And why is the cartoon behind the drunk people seemingly taking a photo of them?

Yokohama Landmark Tower. I just love the colours of the sky. 


Diver City Plaza in Odaiba. Gundam and ... uhmmm... I don't know what those three things are. Mattias did say something like 'why is the Santa one holding a lightsaber?' 

This mixed berry bubble tea is so yum!


See the orange light behind the rainbow bridge? That's the Tokyo Tower. I went closer to get a better picture and....

The orange lights turned off just in time for me to take a picture -___-

I also lost my 'Nightmare Before Christmas' phone case around here I think :' ( I always take it out of its case to take photos. But... I forgot to put it back. So I'm still grieving over that : P ... I'm back to using my Alice one. I'm going to put a sim in my S3 (hopefully) so I'll be using it a lot more.

Anyway, we ended up in Shinjuku. We went to the Artnia cafe first then went to a HUB to drink. Mattias had some Swedish non smoking tobacco (the kind that you put above your teeth). He pretty much turned into a salesperson and offered to people around us. People seemed to like it though I didn't give it a go. It was a good way to practice speaking Japanese too. 


Christmas-fying the Mickey lantern xD

I bought this from Kawaii Candy Couture! Check out her shop!

It was too cute not to buy it. I've been wearing it pretty much everyday. 

To my surprise, this also came in the mail. It's from my friend Rachel for Christmas (but I didn't know until I had opened it up).

Nice : D ... I've turned the necklace into a bracelet. 

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