Saturday, 6 December 2014

Story-telling and Terrible Drawings

I was telling my students about Tuesday and realised during my story-telling that it was a series of unfortunate events...
1) The Cup Noodle Ramen museum was closed!
2) I lost my cellphone case
3) Tokyo Tower turned off when I was close enough to take a better picture of it
4) Artnia cafe had already done their last food order. So we could order drinks but not food.
5) My friend missed his last train (and I was in charge of that but I got us lost), hence why we were out until like 5am....

Yeaaaaahhh..... my students just laughed throughout the whole story-telling. A bit of schadenfreude going on, I think. Mind you, I ended up finding it funny too xD

For my kids lessons, sometimes I have time left (as in, they learn all the vocab and can use it in context without a problem and then some) so I get them to do a comic.
 Oh yeah! Encouraging weirdness since 1989! ;)

Okay, this one was a one off. We didn't have a lot of time to spare, I just thought it would make it easier for them to draw their own family to talk about (I endorsed made up family members and pets). I drew this within a minute or two. But they spent too long drawing like, 10? > . <

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