Sunday, 7 December 2014

Rikugien Gardens

There’s pretty much a full moon tonight and the moon is glowing brightly – well, it was more so earlier on in the evening at least. It turns out I hadn’t missed out on appreciating the last of the autumn leaves in Japan (I was worried I had left it too late. It’s now winter, after all). After work, I went to the Rikugien gardens for one of the nicest strolls I’ve been on in a while. The air was crispy and fresh with the colder weather. The colourful leaves were illuminated with lights to expose their vibrant colours. Isn’t it weird that when leaves are dying, they turn bright orange, red and yellow? In some places, the garden had blue coloured lights beaming on smoke to give parts of the garden an ethereal look. It was a bit like the trees’ last sha-bam before they go to sleep xD it was beautiful and it made me wish I had one of those fancy cameras so that I could take photos of what I was seeing. I think… I think I should buy a fancy camera sometime next year.

Edit: Friend explained to me why leaves turned bright colours xD I KNOW why they do! I was meaning that they are beautiful before dying. It's weird that they brighten and are beautiful before falling....... not that green leaves aren't beautiful too. *sighs* I shouldn't be a writer. 

~ If you want to go, I think tomorrow (06/12/2014) is the last day that they’re lighting the garden like this for this year ~  

Sleeping flowers

Spot the koi fish.