Tuesday, 30 December 2014

After Xmas

Oh cool, google made this

The coolest Christmas postcard ever.

I spent Xmas at work, but enjoyed a mocha. My co worker gave me a White Rabbit tsum tsum and some Ferrero Rocher : 3

My roommate gave me these. All about Tim Burton's movies. I got spoilt for sure!

Thursday, 25 December 2014

Merry Christmas!

'This Is The Burger'

I was working at Kokubunji for a few weeks and fell in love with the staff members and students there. But! I won't be working there next month. Youko and I tried the burgers at 'This Is The Burger'. Exit out the South Exit of Kokubunji station, cross the road and you should be able to see it. It has a nice atmosphere and good burgers. They even had a vegan burger (well, no cheese etc). It's called a veggie sand?? I can't remember xD I took a picture of it anyway. It was pretty good and had pesto, beans etc! Nom. I'll definitely have to make a special trip to Kokubunji for the burger again. The place was were playing Disney as well as music videos (on different screens). We watched Mickey Mouse while eating. It was a strange episode. There were puppies being painted =/ 

The Hobbit, Roppongi Illumination and The Hard Rock Cafe

We saw the final Hobbit movie. I enjoyed it! I even recognised Lake Tekapo in the scene with the lupins xD the film wrapped up the series nicely and the people beside me were teary eyed xD

After that, we went to see the Roppongi Illuination. It was stunning.

Then we went to the 'Hard Rock Cafe'. Unless my parents took me and I can't remember, it was my first time going in. I loved it. They usually played good music (Bon Jovi, Queen etc). I got a vegetarian burger (which was pretty expensive but super well made! The patty was awesome!). It was my friend's friend's birthday, so the HRC surprised her by announcing her birthday to the whole place. They sang a song, brought out a sundae and gave her a HRC guitar to pose with. She was smittened.

this was in the theatre in Roppongi. So cute!

Look at all the Santa ornaments!

 Marunouchi Street Near Tokyo Station

(23/12) I met a student today on my help shift. She found out I love Disney and told me about this place and told me to go! It ends tomorrow so I zipped by after work. I would have had no clue otherwise. I want to thank her and tell her about it, but I probably won’t see her again because her branch isn’t a regular of mine : (

You could take a booklet near the station with lots of information (including a map of where everything is). I found out there were some 'Illuminations' in Yokohama! But I had no clue D : I think it was Cinderella themed. And near the Yokohama Landmark Tower, they were screening Star Wars or something to do with Star Wars. Had no idea > . < gawd dammit! Anyhow, got to see a lot! I'm so glad I found out about it!

The queue for this was long! Like seriously, it started outside the mall and went around all throughout the mall, up the escalator and everything D : 

These guys went past in Christmas outfits. They waved at onlookers and stopped to give things to kids (I assume candy)


This was packed! This was insanely busy, I didn't bother lining up for it. I think it was a two hour wait to take photos with the Arendelle princesses. There's also an Avengers cafe in this building (Marunouchi building) I think. I'm going to have to come back!

 Merry Christmas! 

This is the first time in my life that I’m working on Christmas day. It’s so weird! But… I’m in Japan!! I can also have a Cranberry Bliss White Chocolate Mocha : D on Christmas!!!

I’ve had some friends on facebook reminding people that Christmas is about Jesus. I think Christmas is about Christianity… to Christians. I think you don’t have to be a Christian to celebrate Christmas, though. Christmas is what you make of it. It can be about love or presents or food. It’s a time to eat too much, drink and be jolly.

Merry Christmas!!! メリークリスマス!!! 메리 크리스마스!!!

(Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas) I hope your day is full of good food, love and happiness. Happy Holidays!
Lots of love!
P.S I took this outside a Starbucks in Machida and I’ve been saving it for Christmas. Jack!!!! D :  I'm not even going to think about Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter...