Monday, 24 November 2014

Shinjuku and Artnia cafe

I met up with my friend Cat in Shinjuku. She's from America, lives in Hokkaido and is doing the Jet programme. It was great to see her! We caught up a lot and went to this super awesome cafe called Artnia. It made me wish I gamed more because the only thing I was crazy about was Kingdom Hearts. The cafe was about 15 minutes from the station, but we had to use google map to find it!

Some of the photos are from the station and others are from the cafe.

Cat took this picture of me re-trying eggnog (I couldn't remember the taste). I didn't know what to think in this moment. She tried some and gave me the verdict, it should be creamier but then again it was probably freshly made. Regardless, I enjoyed it! It reminded me of cinnamon rolled oats, or that Swedish Christmas rice pudding (creamy vanilla rice with cinnamon).

(Shinjuku station)

A lot of the pancakes in Japan tend to be dry. But the pancakes at Artnia weren't bad!











A cute looking Karaoke place.

Cafe Artnia

I keep craving Starbucks. I have to go on a ban because I can't afford to have it everyday xD ... but! They drew a snowman! So cute!

The Halloween Town one was the best one of course! But you don't get to choose, you find out what you get when you've paid and are able to open the box. Cat and I got the last two. I love this one, though. 

Sunday, 23 November 2014

My friend David just took this picture of my hometown a couple of minutes ago : O  

Tim Burton Exhibition in Japan!

^ this is actually from Machida.

On Tuesday, Kasey, Rebekah and I went to Mori Art Gallery in Roppongi for the Tim Burton exhibition. I was a bit disappointed, as I was expecting it to be like how it was in Korea. But there were so many things missing. Rebekah joked that the missing pieces must be back in Tim Burton's living room. Still, it's Tim Burton and I loved seeing his work again! This time I made sure to buy loads of postcards! I even got a block of Willy Wonka chocolate with Johnny Depp on it : D

They were selling Tim Burton themed food at places near the gallery. But they were limited (eg, there was a limit of 10 balloon cake things per day). They sold out super fast at the restaurant next to the gallery. And the restaurant was way too fancy. I ordered the balloon thing and Rebekah and Kasey were told to order a drink (800yen each). So expensive! The balloon bit was basically white chocolate with blue food colouring. But it was a delicacy. That's one thing that Japan had that Korea didn't xD Tim Burton themed food!!

We felt like we were being pretty judged xD the waiter kept eyeing us xD so we left as soon as we could. Anyway, it was a lovely day. Kasey and I went and saw live Indie bands on Chelsea Hotel in Shibuya. You pay 500yen for a drink and get to watch bands play, and some of them were really good! I would have bought a CD if I hadn't bought shoes and spent 5000yen on Tim Burton things.  

Soooo! Yum!!! Raspberry white chocolate pie and a cranberry white mocha ♥ yuuuum!!!