Friday, 31 October 2014

Daniel Radcliffe Raps Blackalicious' "Alphabet Aerobics"

I used to have a huge crush on Daniel Radcliffe when I was a kid. I'm back to having a crush on him. This makes him hotter:

About his sex appeal

His gay sex scene

Goddamn, why aren't there more people like him? xD

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Tokyo Disneyland

Rebekah and I did training together. We decided around that time that we would do Disney together xD and we finally got around to it! It was meant to rain yesterday but it cleared up and the rain came today instead.

What I had for lunch. Tokyo Disneyland is relatively affordable. This was under $10! Maybe like, $7? The salad ended up having bacon bits : ( ops. I just assumed it wouldn't have meat (I picked most of it out). 


Inside the castle

On the way to Disneyland from Maihama station

So cute! 

I got given these two, they're our Disney passports. Rebekah chose Chip and Dale (yush! I would have chosen Mickey).

(this was on the way to Disneyland)

Just, wow. You could not do this in New Zealand... well... without a lot of things being stolen... perhaps the whole pram. 

Look! It's Olaf!!!

Drinking coffee and demolishing the heart cake.

Rebekah's friend Mr. Duck.

There was a group of girls dressed as Disney princesses. When we got closer to the castle, we ended up right next to them. A random person asked if he could take a picture of them, including us. Rebekah and I wonder if he realised we weren't actually with them. Anyway, we let people take our photo throughout the day. There was one woman that was so excited to take her picture with us, she was so cute!

Took me ages (we waited 80 minutes for the haunted mansion ride) to capture a shot with the crow moving. Spot the crow!

Selfies-R-Us (I grew up with beds-r-us advertisements...)

The Snow White ride. We got 'Sneezy'

The best ride EVER!!! It was 'The Nightmare Before Christmas' theme. So much Jack, Sally and Zero etc. It was really well done, and there were even Tim Burton style hills frosted with snow. It was visually beautiful and had Danny Elfman style music. I love it soooo much! It was worth the 80 minute wait for me. 

In saying this, it's only during Halloween that the Haunted Mansion is 'The Nightmare Before Christmas' themed.

Even though the weather was forecast to be raining, it was still pretty busy. These are the rides we went on:

* Haunted Mansion

* Snow White

* Pirates of the Carribean 

* Winnie the Pooh

* Pinocchio 

* Peter Pan 

One thing I love about Disneyland is that I love pretty much everything Disney. So I really couldn't get bored. And in Japan, people dress up! I even saw someone in the same costume as me!

In the castle. This was awesome. The fairy godmother appeared with sparkling blue fairy dust. With her wand, she produced horses and a carriage and then with another flick of her wand, she transformed Cinderella's outfit into the famous blue dress. 

The castle told Cinderella's story with a variety of different art forms (such as the hologram, and this paper artwork)

My favourite ride. I bought a long Sally T-shirt. I have red hair and can dress up as Sally next month for the Tim Burton exhibition : D .... I ferociously love Tim Burton > : ) 

During the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, we saw this restaurant. So romantic, right? 

Ahahaha : D I love Winnie the Pooh! And A.A Milne!

The staff were dressed as scouts and they constantly waved and smiled. 

It's so cute! I want it! It was about $60.

It was extremely hard not to buy things that included souvenirs (eg. that mousse with the souvenir cup)

In my restaurant with my guards :P 

I had the heart-shaped cake. I think it was meant to be cheesecake but it tasted like raspberry mousse. It was good though! Rebekah had the chocolate cake. 

Love this shot. The staff saw what I was doing and moved out of the way xD so kind!

That's a vending machine xD

Bye bye!! 

I got this at Tokyu Hands. Omgoodness!! Love love love! I'm totally eating one... (I might buy more to keep for a while) on Halloween... while watching 'The Nightmare Before Christmas'