Monday, 22 September 2014

NZ Elections 2014


Russel Norman (Green Party co-leader and who I voted for... I just googled him because he sounded
Australian... did anyone else know his partner is Anna Paquin's sister??) vs... the person almost 50% of kiwis re-elected... over a year after this video O_o;; wow...

It's moments like these you need Minties.... I mean >.> that I'm glad I don't live in New Zealand any more. The direction it's going in... the division between the rich and poor is going to continue to grow. Only the wealthy are going to benefit from National. Everyone else, tough luck, you're just fucked (or your other option is to find work overseas, like me). I feel so bad for the people that are struggling. And the environment of NZ XD wohoo fracking and coal! Who needs clean rivers to
swim in anyway? NZ isn't green any more.

And now for some of my favourite tumblr posts about the election:

tearsoakedstars ‘idkkk man. This election. It’s super painful. I’d like to thank everyone that voted for National. Together we can drive this country into the ground’
fizzityuck ‘but have you ever actually met a national voter? have you ever honestly met a living, breathing, human being who agrees with anything national has to say? where are all these national voters coming from? do they all live in caves in the mountains? emerging every election season by the thousands, swarming through the countryside and flocking to the cities to vote
Amberhilton - 'who keeps letting lizard men control oceania. we are meant to be a really good continent.' (about Tony Abbott and John Key)

“Do not think your single vote does not matter much. The rain that refreshes the parched ground is made up of single drops.”
- Kate Sheppard quote

And something I found on facebook: 

"Last night confirmed that political action starts, not ends at the ballot box. Don't vilify those who didn't vote; we live in a political system that breeds apathy, especially for those who are already disenfranchised. Don't vilify those who voted National; National has the media, and big money, and
capitalism on its side. The cards are stacked against the left.

We need to regroup and reorganise. There are other ways to engage politically. Grow kai and relearn the skills of our tūpuna. Buy less junk. Produce art. Foster our own happiness. Educate ourselves. Embrace Feminism and other socially progressive movements. We must fix ourselves before we fix the world.

Utua te kino ki te pai - Reward evil with kindness. Three more years..."

Regan Stokes

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